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ADS wearing/wrapping tips


ADS wearing/wrapping tips

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Thanks Slack for bringing all this information together!

Nice list Slack. This is the first thread I’ve added to my favorites in some time. :thumbs:

Originally Posted by penismith

Nice :up:

I second that :)

Slack, good job! Looks like a good list of threads to read.

You made it much easier for others to get a better perspective and how to use extenders.

Searching is you’re friend. :)

Great idea

Thanks for all the valuable info

Don’t see any info on the Simple ADS.. Can anyone elaborate on experiences with the Simple ADS and wrapping methods. I used it today and I got a cold glans pretty fast.

Originally Posted by Tankpz
Don’t see any info on the Simple ADS.. Can anyone elaborate on experiences with the Simple ADS and wrapping methods. I used it today and I got a cold glans pretty fast.

You may just need to ease the tension on your wrapping a bit, since you are cutting off circulation. Try wrapping while fully erect and give that a try.

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hello, I wonder if there using extensor manual exercises you practice too? as can be jelquing, clamp etc and breaks as you carry? thanks

The ultimate penismaster mod is nice. I have a different type of PE, but I would like to incorporate this. I would also like to do a mod like this one . Are there any ideas where I can get the straps for this?

Wow! Slack’s listing has some really Old Old stuff but at the same time a classic is classic.
Wrapping for holding Golf swing weights or PEweights is something that needs practice, practice, practice. Not too tight or too loose is something that can only become easy the hard way lol.

I would load up rings and hold them up against the pelvic then start the wrap just in front of the ring closest to the gland. I spiral wrap one layer ‘tight’ up to the gland then stack the rest of the tape on itself so as to give the end ring something to sit on. I use two pieces of tape. I just cut the full roll in half. I then allow the rings to slide down to the stack. The tight wrap will loosen on its own under the rings but the stack will remain.

If you get swelling of the gland then your too tight. It’s typical for the gland to darken a little and get cool but don’t let that worry you. I’ve worn mine that way for hours. When you do unwrap for a piss or whatever your gland will pink up with new oxygenated blood within a minute or two.

If you send me a note from the “contact” page of my website I’ll send you video that demonstrates the above.

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I cannot start new threads in this part of the forum so I’ll post this idea here.

I’ve done a few searches, both on this site and Google, to see if there is any magnetic means of extension. No one seems to have thought of this yet, or maybe I’m just not searching intelligently enough.

Here’s what I have in mind: a rectangle of fabric that can wrap around the penis and secure with a relatively large surface area of Velcro so that it can undergo some tension. Small pockets of fabric sewn into four spots around the shaft, twice along the length, for a total of eight pockets. Each pocket is along the same straight base-to-glans line as another. Slip magnets into the pockets, with like poles facing the pocket along the same base-to-glans line. This will cause tension as the magnets push on each other. Since magnets can come in many strengths, you could start gentle but then get stronger magnets as you became more experienced (please not very strong - magnetism is a hell of a force).

Potential problems:
1. The fabric would need to have some give. Otherwise the magnetic force would just tug on the fabric, but the fabric wouldn’t extend enough to actually stretch anything underneath. This might be solved by using a stretchy strip of fabric for the center, but that makes the device a bit more complicated.
2. The pockets would need to be a very snug fit for the magnets, or otherwise they would flip in the pocket and stop pushing on each other. Or worse, only one or two would flip, and then you’d have something bending your penis against your will!
3. When the fabric stretched, it would also narrow like a Chinese finger trap. There wouldn’t be a problem with getting it off, since you could just undo the Velcro straps. But compression along the shaft might not be exactly what you’re going for.? Unless that’s a misconception of mine resulting from not knowing much about traction.


I’m curious where you would find magnets powerful enough to equal 2 or 3 pounds of gravitational weight.

Seems like weights would be almost equal in weight to a magnet that size but cheaper. :eek:

09-2003 BPEL:6.0x5.5

11-2004 BPEL:8.25x6.25 . . 9+ by Spring is the goal AIR CLAMP

Now BPEL:8 5/8 x 6 5/8 PE Weights

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