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Is base girth the easiest gain?

Is base girth the easiest gain?

After soon half a year of consistent PE, the only 100% sure gains I’ve made are base girth gains. And I gained them quite easy too. When I started ADS stretching/hanging my base girth increased 0,5cm in like one or two months. Since that it’s stood still. What was interesting was also that the increase in base girth came at the same time as I stopped experiencing fatigue from my ADS.

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I’m clamping and hanging and I’ve gained some insane base girth.

I’ve made base gains with clamping, and stretching/hanging. The only thing with the hanging is that the skinniest part of my penis moved up the shaft ( I like to call it the bottleneck). While the inner penis which was pulled out some, and bigger than bottle neck is now at the base. Is this the same for most of you that have made base gains due to hanging? Regardless, My bottleneck area has still made gains, and I feel that this is because of clamping. Now I can clamp at base and it will effectively engorge the bottle neck. Also, I have baseball bat shaped penis. Should have mentioned that from the start.

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