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Is baseball bat inevitable?


Honestly I don’t mind the baseball bat effect that I’ve developed, it means that I have gained something in girth as apposed to nothing. But I also believe that overtime, with persistant jelqing the effect will desipate as I’m sure the body will try to balance things on it’s own.

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I heard they said when you jelq with a pretty hard boner you will not get a baseball effect. True?

I have been jelqing for 5 years now and I still don’t have the baseball bat shape. I just really make sure I jelq from where the base meets the body :) . I have gained both base girth and overall girth, but still no baseball bat shape. This is of course very individual.

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First off, take any gains you can get, then try to refine it. I also think that much of the baseball bat effect is visual. As in, the actual measurements do not represent a baseball bat shape, but the look does.

Personally I started as a tree trunk and it I got to a baseball bat I would be very happy.

I must post that many here have experienced the baseball shape by dry jelqing. I recommend 2 handed wet jelqing in the the shower with conditioner or what ever lube you want to use. I am one that did see the beginning of a baseball bat early in my PE and corrected it. Just because it started with some of us does not mean it will happen to you.

If you are going to PE, be aware of what you are doing to yourself. If things look baseball, stop what your doing and change your routine. You can see your penis changing when you are gaining, or at least we did (wife and I). This is easy, Thunder has a lot of exercises here to try. I say 2 handed wet Jelq with lube and in the shower.


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