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Is Edging Bad?


Originally Posted by Titleist

Any good thing can be taken to an extreme.

That’s correct. I tried to edge everyday for 2 weeks. In the end it didn’t help anything. I dialed it back and found edging for 3 days and cuming the 4th is the magic number for me.

After quitting edging I notice significant erect health. After going 12 days of edging without ejaculation my EQ and libido drops. Then there is the low EQ post ejaculation. I am no longer experiencing these things. I swapped edging for more jelqs and saw more benefits without the dopamine rush. Of course, this is all anecdotal.

Originally Posted by BvckWood

One thing is interesting is all these benefits of quitting porn. I have been experimenting with porn and not using it and I notice no difference. Now if I never edged and watched porn, that would be different. Either way I have dopamine rushing through my brain. It is said that porn reverts brain back to a juvenile state and that it affects our prefrontal cortex due to the dopamine. That would insinuate that all dopamine would have similar affects, wouldn’t it?

If your suggesting that excess dopamine has a detrimental effect on the prefrontal cortex or any other part of the brain, can you provide medical literature to support this?

Been edging with porn after workouts and have seen benefits in EQ as well as PC strength.

The best thing you can do is try it out and see how you personally react to it.

I am very disciplined in every area of my life so the amount of dopamine I get from edging is likely a fraction of what an average person gets just going through their typical day.

For example I eat extremely clean, workout often and am very active, make good money, have minimal screentime, meditate, read, journal, and have an active social life. With everything else in my life tuned in, edging is hardly detrimental.

That’s my 2 cents. Try with and without to see what works best for you.


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