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Is there a basis for advising others

Is there a basis for advising others

Given that no one knows whether they have one layer, two layers or three layers of tunica can a gainer justifiably offer advise if his audience has an extra layer? What if that gainer had an extra layer too, all else being equal, would he still have gained or would he now be impotent from his determination to stretch it just a little? Seems to me we’re each alone in the dark, and if you should unwittingly pit three layers of tunica against a strong determination to succeed who knows what disappointment awaits.


Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

I’m not even sure what the point of this is, but you do seem to be on a mission to come up with some justification for not doing PE.

It’s a choice. It’s your choice. The resources are available. The exercises are completely free. There’s an entire community here still willing to help, share experiences of what has worked and has not worked, and offer advice. What you do with all of that is completely up to you. What we cannot do, is prove anything to anyone that doesn’t want to put the effort in to find out for themselves, or guarantee risk-free gains for everyone.

I think you’ll notice that’s the difference here compared to sites that are trying to sell you something. The risks are clear. The expectations are reasonably conservative. There are no guarantees of inches per month. People are here because they want to learn from others and help others.

If you want someone just to tell you “hey don’t bother, it can’t work for you”…. well, ok, “hey don’t bother, it can’t work for you”.

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I think it’s a valid question. To my knowledge, there is no general framework to give specific PE advice. Nobody is 100% sure of what he is doing, otherwise everybody would be gaining. It’s trial and error, and trying to learn from what has or has not worked for others. And that’s exactly the type of advice you can expect here: based on experience, rather than 100% scientific knowledge. Take it with a grain of salt if you like, and a healthy dose of scepticism, but try it to see if it works in your case.

It doesn’t seem like he’s trying to justify not doing PE, he’s simply asking whether PE results are merely luck of the draw. It’s well known that three layers of tunica is going to be a hell of a lot harder to stretch than one layer. Basically some guy with one layer making great gains, albeit unaware that he is fortunate to have one layer, is unable to properly advise an individual who may have two or even three as to what techniques will result in gains.

But to answer the question, no there is not any way one individual can guarantee the other that the advice given will cause growth for the other. But this is again an accepted fact of PE. Every man’s penis on this forum is going to react a different way to the stresses of PE. A member can simply suggest something that MIGHT work for the other, but nothing is set in stone. The key to PE is to tailor your routine to exactly what your body and penis react to best. Blindly following another member’s “miracle” routine will not always result in “miracle” results. You should take advice from experienced members but always be aware that the routine as it is written is not necessarily the perfect routine for your penis.

Bottom line: monitor how your body and penis react to your exercising and make adjustments to find what works for you.

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.

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