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Is There A Limit the Penis Can Expand?

Is There A Limit the Penis Can Expand?

I currently pump for around 2 hours with great results but I have noticed some key things.

Breaks help stop fluid build up compared to a constant pump, yet there is more expansion staying in the pump.

Maintaining an erection in the pump helps expansion but greatly increases fluid build up. I have less fluid buildup and 1/8”-1/4” less expansion in length and girth not maintaining the erection.

This leads me to believe that after reaching a certain point of expansion within the penis, you will start to developed lymph fluid buildup because you are no longer expanding the tunica and smooth muscle. Does anyone else have any ideas with this theory?

Results from testing:
I did a test with 2.5hg and pumped for 1hr40min. I tried once without an erection just watching random videos. I had no fluid build up and a decent expansion the size was very uniform.

I then did a test with the same pressure and time, but this time watching porn to keep an erection. I had a significant increase in expansion in the CS, Glans, and upper-midshaft. The lower shaft did not expand as well as the upper portion.

Due to expanding faster, longer, and a lot more than normal, I developed fluid build up in the CC and under glans. My glans were deflated because they over expanded. Not only was girth larger than without maintaining an erection, but my length was as well. In the pump I get to 7 7/8” without maintaining an erection, with an erection I can get to 8”. With porn and an erection I made it to 8 1/8” in length while also growing larger in girth.

After taking MSM, the fluid under the glans goes away quickly.

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