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Before embarking on the voyage of discovery that is Penis Enlargement it is probably worth looking at whether it is worth it for you. With the vast amount of penis enlargement spam and the prevalence of well endowed men in porn, the image of what is considered reasonable in terms of penis size is shifting. The pressure that women have felt about their breast size for many years is starting to crash down on our members. Just in the way a woman can avoid larger breasts and still succeed in life, so can a man exist with his present penis size, in all but the minority of cases. To get an idea of how your penis fits into the grand scheme of things check our penis size page.

Penis enlargement is the subject of so much spam mail and hype that it can be difficult to tell what is real and what is fabrication, one of the simplest questions is Does Penis Enlargement Work?. It’s a very valid question. The simple answer is yes, but not for everyone, and you do not need to purchase anything to make it happen. It’s not easy and you have to think long term. There are no quick fixes. Even purported quick fixes, like penis enlargement surgery, are not.

Penis enlargement pills do not work and will never work. They contain vasodilators and stimulants which may temporarily increase the strength or duration of an erection but there are other supplements that will do this at a fraction of the cost.

On this site you will find penis enlargement exercises like the jelq. This is also known as jelque, jelk, jelking and even yelq and is often wrongly attributed as a secret and ancient arab penis enlargement method. You will also find stretches to extend length and squeezes to increase penis girth. These exercises are documented in tutorial form, often with accompanying video clips. All known penis enlargement methods have been or are being discussed here, including pumping, hanging, pills and surgery.

Beyond the enlargement forums, we have a number of related forums, available only to members. Membership is free of charge (gratis). We recognise that there may be a reluctance to sign up to a penis enlargment site, so please do browse the publicly available forums and read our privacy policy before deciding whether or not to register. Get a feel for this site and decide for yourself whether we are part of the scam or whether we attempt to cut through the misinformation. Though this site is largely populated by men, all genders, gender identities and sexual orientations are welcome and we attempt to make the site as friendly as possible.

This site is funded entirely by donations. If you find it helpful and wish to donate to it’s upkeep, it will be appreciated. If you do not wish to donate, that is OK also.

Other available resources are:

Penis Enlargement Manual

Longer penis enlargement articles and copies of past Tom Hubbard penis enlargement sites.

Penis Enlargement FAQ and Glossary

Free penis enlargement information resource and beginner’s guide

Penis Enlargement Videos

Free penis enlargement videos covering multiple techniques and penis enlargement disciplines.

Free Penis Enlargement Database

Keep track of your penis enlargement progress and compare to others.

Male Supplements

Most people have now received the gain 3 inches in 3 weeks spam mails detailing how penis enlargement pills, penis enlargement creams or oils, and even penis enlargement patches will miraculously grow the penis with little or no effort on your part. These scams make people think they can throw money at the issue, which is far from the truth.
Our supplements forum contains discussions on the active ingredients in enlargement pills that can often be bought for less money than the bottle the pills come in, and discusses the relative benefits of supplements in general. A number of members over a period of years have contributed their pharmaceutical knowledge and discussions frequently go into great depth.

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