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Just Clamping girth gainers advices and tips


Just Clamping girth gainers advices and tips

I just started clamping since two weeks with a thight rubber ring wich provide good expansion but i already ordered an airclamp wich seems the best for clamping porpouse.

I just looking for girth gain and i don’t feel confortable with pumping or dry jelqing i find my self really good with clamping.And i heard clamping if is done correctly provide the best girth increase.
I would like to know if clamping alone can add also a small amount of lenght or none?
Btw girth is my goal and i’m talking to clamping veterans asking them to set up an effective but safe clamping routine.
How much should be the pressure in clamping is there a sign mean you are not doing enought pressure or too much?
How many series and for how long?
Better for example 8x5 minutes 4x10 minutes or 3x15 minutes ?
How many rest days in a week and when?
There are supplement help clamping?
But first of all a part the routine would be great to know all the tips for a safe clamping.
I know there is a page describe clamping but i prefer to speak directly with professional clampers they get great results and for sure are able to give me safety tips.Cause Healthy First Of All !!!

Been clamping off and on for almost 2 years now.

1: Yes, clamping adds length because the whole organ expands in every way when you are clamped. Whenever you stop clamping for few days your erection quality jumps up as well, which is a minor increase in length. I experienced about half an inch of length. Nothing got longer, my erections just got better.

2: I didn’t generally worry about pressure. I only put my cable clamp to the point where I see m y dick begin to swell. The effect is immediate. Pressure is either enough or not. As soon as the pressure is enough your dick bloats within seconds.

3: For my 2 years the only sets I ever did was three 10 minute sets (3x10mins). But sometimes as 10 minutes nears, my dick will be getting cold, so it’s sometimes best to cut it close at 8 or 9 minutes. If you kegel enough blood your dick will stay warm and responsive, though. I currently do 10 mins clamp -> 6 minute break -> 10 minutes -> 6 minute break -> 7 minutes for final set. But the final set is where I go all out. I kegel as much as I can and basically try to hurt myself in terms of expansion. This is the time where your dick is biggest.

4: I clamp every other day and then take 2 off. So On, Off, On, Off, On, Off, Off. Then repeat. These days also follow my bodybuilding routine so it’s pretty baller.

5: No supplements. Sleep and food I suppose. Persistence.

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Your routine is only clamping ?

In these 2 years how much did you gain ?

I’ve been clamping for four years now. I was a long-time manual stretcher for years before then, and a jelquer for about a year before clamping.

I only clamp fully hard. I mount the clamp on one click, then stim/porn to go fully hard, and keggle before clamping. I always start with a hottub soak with lots of massage, stretches and jelques to warm-up. Then I do 3x10min sets - the first set with just clamping, the second set include some serious clamped bends, the third set is usually option depending on how fatigued my unit feels. I do manual stretching between sets. I’ll usually finish with some edging to ensure and reenforce erection muscle control.

I used to end-up with a hyper-sensitive glans resulting in a hair-trigger. But I found the edging afterward brings back the control and EQ.


Gains ?

C’mon quantum and mush we would like to know your gains with clamping !!!

WTF !!!

Clamping and pumping are good for both length and girth gains.

With pumping for girth you want a slightly wider tube. When pumping for length you want a slightly skinnier tube. Both will work both but will help one or the other out more.

As for clamping it’s a little more complicated. I noticed that if I am standing up and kegel really hard my length isn’t as long but my girth is thicker. If I kegel while sitting down on the toilet or something my length is longer but my girth is narrower.

If you want length try using multiple clamps at the bottom pushing all the blood out towards the head. Edging during brings my EQ up and makes me a little longer.

If you want girth try not stimulating you penis as much. Get a full erection then tighten the clamp and kind of let it sit there with out stroking it.

Have a tape measure ready the whole time and try different things and measure how much more girth or length changes you have as opposed to a regular erection.

What is edging?
How much did you gain from clamping?

About sessions let’s say i do 4x10 minutes.
I is it better doin this 4 separate around the day like morning afternoon evening night before sleep or 4 consecutive with small pause of five minutes between sessions?

Originally Posted by sr. spock
Gains ?

Yes. :)

Different amounts over different locations. I started with a left bend +twist. At the bend location the girth was smallest - I was able to touch my thumb and index finger around this spot. Today I can’t touch my thumb and middle finger anywhere along the shaft.

Originally Posted by robbie2073
What is edging?
How much did you gain from clamping?

About sessions let’s say i do 4x10 minutes.
I is it better doin this 4 separate around the day like morning afternoon evening night before sleep or 4 consecutive with small pause of five minutes between sessions?

Over the last 3 years I’ve gained somewhere between 2-3 inches in length and 1-1.5 inches in girth. At least half of that was from the newbie routines and jelqing. After that I did a little bit of everything and I mostly just do manual stretches and clamping now. So from clamping alone I don’t know let’s just say somewhere between 0.5-1 inches in length.

I normally stretch then do one set of clamping for 10 minutes and that’s my routine. Throughout the day I am stretching and jelging when I have a semi and trying to promote as much blood flow as possible to my penis.

Clamping shouldn’t be the only thing in your routine and I’ve never done more than 30 minutes in a day of clamping and that’s very rare.

You can do it however you want just as long as you remember to use heat and take a break for at least as long as the set was. So 5 minutes of clamping then wait 5 minutes to do it again. 10 minutes wait 10 minutes. Never go over 15 minutes at a time! Stick to 10 some times I feel like that’s too long. Once you work yourself too hard you end up hurting your gains in the long run and having to take a few days off. If you want to split it into a morning and evening session that is fine. Just try not to go more than two day without taking a break. So 2 days on 1 day off. Or 4 days a week whatever.

As for edging here is a link to a description.

If you ever have a question like what is “insert exercise”

Use the search button at the top of the page here on thunders place. Or check out the video section on here. I just googled it and Pegym popped up first so I posted there link. Took me 15 seconds. Pegym is another good PE site to. Don’t limit your knowledge to just one place.

hey guys french fellas here..sorry for my english ;)

I want to know if I can make my jelq between my clamp session? Like 10 minutes clamp and 10 minutes jelq when I do my break..this will save me times!!

My session run for 1hr…warm-up(5minutes), 4x5 directions stretchs, warm-up(1min), jelq(15min), squeeze jelq(15min), clamp(10min) and cool down(5min) for now I only do 1 clamp session but will slowly moove to 3!

Thank’s for the advise

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I’d say sure, try it.

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It’s actually encouraged that you jelq in between sets to restore fresh blood.

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Heere We GOOooh!

Originally Posted by Franck79
I want to know if I can make my jelq between my clamp session? Like 10 minutes clamp and 10 minutes jelq when I do my break..this will save me times!!

It’s a great idea. What I usually do these days when I get the urge to do some PE (I’m very inconsistent) is that I warm up (poorly as always), clamp for 10-15 min at 1-2 clicks depending on erection levels, jelq about 50 strokes semi-hard and 50 strokes near fully erect (a type of jelqing I’ve always done), slap on the clamp again for 10-15 min at 2-3 clicks (again, depending on erection levels). Get’s me huge and if I manage to stick to the routine I get harder and larger erections by about the 6th day. I do the routine every day until I get a day when my erection levels aren’t quite “normal” for whatever reason and then I take a day off. Since I’m inconsistent I don’t really see much in the way of permanent gains these days but I tend to hover around 8x6” and this routine usually pushes my girth over 6” after about two weeks. Sadly that’s when I tend to lose interest.

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