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Keep your penis BTC all day very easily


Keep your penis BTC all day very easily

I do the BTC a lot, at work, in the car, at home. I use an ADS for 2 to 3 hours a day, then BTC when ever I can then the newbie routine. I’m going on 6 months into my routine.

The BTC is good, I credit it to “some” of my length gains or even the fact I haven’t lost one millimeter in gains even on the weeks I got no PE time in.

The problem I have with the BTC is in the car or at work if you notice it not being as tight or stretched as you like, you have to readjust, and I never want to get caught with my hand down the back of my pants trying to re-stretch it.

So I did some research and found a device to keep it stretched, and it works perfectly. It’s a “Finger Trap” I ordered from an online medical supplies store. It was $15 for the biggest size they have. My EG = 4.6 I can tell you now there is room but I “think” someone with a EG over 5.3 would have a hard time getting one on.

What I do is simple. I wrap my penis in a section of an ankle wrap material. I do a flaccid stretch and wrap it up, I put on the “Finger Trap” then stretch it over my sack and up the crack, I have my pants pulled down, with it stretched I pull them up and the clip on the finger trap. I just click on the back of my belt. It keeps it snugged and fully stretched all day. My shirt covers it up and I’m a happy camper.

I take it off to refresh it after a few hours. I didn’t post links to the finger trap website. I wasn’t for sure if that would be frowned upon. I use it, it works great. My only intention was to provide some helpful info to the site that has provided me with so much helpful info.

Start BPEL = 5.875, EG = 4.3, Flaccid stretch = 5.875

5.1 Months later BPEL 6.75, EG = 4.6, Flaccid stretch = 7.65

Excellent idea!

I was wondering how you would keep a BTC stretch all day without something like a universal harness, but I never thought about clipping it to the back of my pants/belt.

Thanks man for the idea and good luck on your continued length gains!

Started: 6.75" BPEL, 8" (20 cm) BPFSL (1/2015) x 5" (12.5 cm) EG; Current (7/2017): 8" (20 cm) BPEL, 8.2" (20.5 cm) BPFSL x 5.8" (14.5 cm) EG; Gains (7/2017): 1.25" (3.125 cm) EL, 0.2" (0.5 cm) BPFSL x 0.8" (2 cm) EG

Short-term goal: 8.25 (20.625 cm) BPEL, 8.3" (20.75 cm) BPFSL x 6" (15 cm) EG; Long-term goal: 9" (22.5 cm) BPEL x 6" EG

Xtended's Progress Report

Almost an inch in 5 months?! Nice.

Did you do the newbie routine first before getting into this kind of stretching?

Start: Dec 2009 - 5.75 [BPEL] x 5.25 [MSEG] 5.5 [BASE]

April 2010 - 6.00 [BPEL x 5.3 [MSEG] 5.5 [BASE]

Current Goal: - 7.00 NBPEL x 5.75 [MSEG & BASE]

Can you make an easier explanation Penox? I really can not follow you. Thanks ;) .


Great gains, great idea for btc also.

Where did you get the device? I think it is fine top post it.

November 23, 2004 6 3/4" BPEL EG 5 1/4" Feb 17, 2011 BPEL 8" BPEL EG 6 1/8th"

I’ve tried several times and I just can’t sit with my penis BTC (or fowfer, whatever it’s called). It’s simply too uncomfortable and I have a feeling I’m going to crush my balls. My flaccid length is around 4” dependin on surrounding conditions and I’d really like to grow in that department.

Well I’m making gains like 5months in just by doing 20 minutes of manual BTC. I’d recommend what you’re doing to people after like a year when they’ve exhausted other gains but nether the less, impressive gains.

Sounds uncomfortable to have a finger trap up your crack. If it’s the traditional finger trap, aren’t those things made out of wood?

Can you post a picture or something? And you are allowed to post the link to the finger trap.

I’ll try to get all of the questions answered. No particular order.

Made out of wood? No, it’s a type of plastic string, hard to explain. Several strands of plastic string maybe? Medical grade I might add.

A link? My goodness I hope this does not get me banned.

Uncomfortable to sit? Sometimes. My sack has to be pretty loosened up and not to start to tighten due to cold, etc. I think being narrow in the girth department makes this easier for me then most people.

Better explanation of my routine or a question about when I started the BTC. Hmm I started with an ADS, after about a month I was pointed to thundersplace from a member of the ADS’s forums. So on week 4 or 5 I started the newbie routine. I follow the newbie routine to a “T”, I do more stretching then whats asked of the newbie routine, and my jelqs are 40 to 50% erect then about 80% the last 5 minutes. I get in 20 to 25 minute sessions now.

BTC I started about two months in. I would just sit on it at home about an hour a night. Now I try to get two to three hours in through out the day. Even with the device I don’t get as much BTC stretching in as I want, but now I can do it once and get that time in, and it’s much easier.

My whole routine is 5 days on and 2 days off, sometimes 3 days off.

Almost 1 inch in 5 Months and 1 week. Yeah it shocked me also. I was planning on working for that one inch gain in hopes of getting it in a year then doing a 1 year maintenance routine, then my life long routine of shower jelqing, stretches and BTC. Yes a lifetime routine, I don’t want to lose these gains. The benefits I have experienced in the bedroom with my wife is enough for me to hack off an arm to keep every millimeter I have earned so far.

As you can tell I haven’t even started on girth yet. I won’t do that until I hit my length goal. Which was 7” when I started, now it’s at 7.5” =). IF I hit 7.5” depending on the time it takes I’m sure I’ll bump it up. I try not to get greedy. But it works, it’s something that’s easy for me to stick with so I might as well do it.

Sorry I missed the question better explanation.

My pants with a belt already in the loop is pulled down just above my knees. I grab the head of my flaccid penis and wrap it with that stretchy athletic wrap. Not all I cut off about a 6 inch section. I wrap the head “so it does not get pinched”. It wrapped it while it’s flaccid stretched.

The finger trap I pushed it down so it opens up and I put the head in and as much penis in as I can get. I pull the trap tight, then while holding the clip I stretch the finger trap/penis over the ball sack so it’s camel toed. I then stretch it right up the butt crack and the clip on the finger trap I clip on my belt.

If you can stretch further you could tie off some of the finger trap so there is less trap to stretch and more penis. If your flaccid stretch is not as long then you just put less penis in the finger trap.

I hope this helps and I think after looking at the pictures of the link you can better picture what I do. If not I can do it and take photos.

If I have figured it out right, doesn’t look a good idea. It can cut off circulation.

Tried this concept years ago with a greenlee cable puller.. For hanging as well as ADS. Purchased a few sizes, but could not find one thick enough or comfortable to wear for extended periods.. Check it often for circulation. Could not see any dimensions on the large model.. Are you able to measure the expanded inside diameter?

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