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Kegel Before Jelq Strokes

Kegel Before Jelq Strokes

Is this bad? I feel like I get a lot of expansion when I kegel blood in before the stroke. If I jelq without it maybe the first a day second jelq would be good but every jelq after that doesn’t give me expansion in the head until my grip is an inch away from it. But I have another problem. While keeling before each stroke gives me better expansion I feel like on the 2 on 1 off schedule it tires out my pc muscle since I’m doing 60 jelqs per session which is also 60 kegels.

I do it also, kegel before my jelq stroke. Good kegel work out and more blood for the jelqs. I have a hard time keeping any erection level when I jelq. Kegels helps with that.

Kegeling while stretching or jelqing did not work on me, unfortunately, :(

When I used to do them this way, I was facing a massive turtle afterwards. Oddly enough, happened with clamping and pumping aswell. If I kegel while at it, my erection vanishes way too quickly (plus that uninvited turtling after session).

But that is just my experience and my body reaction to kegel. I must do them alone, after the session, while the penis is idling.

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Yeah I use that technique as well. Def gets more blood to the penis.

“Kegelling while pumping/jelqing is serious business”.

Thats what I heard from a guy on youtube who got permanent ED by injuring valves. And I heard from someone else who also got hurt but cant remember.

This topic is not much talked here.

Here is how I jelq in order to increase expansion, and hopefully prevent excessive skin stretching:
1- with my right hand I okay grip at base firm but not super tight
2- kegel in blood then clamp down grip
3- once my right hand has started moving upward slowly I grip my left hand at the base with a very firm grip (firm enough that I feel a bit of expansion under my right hand)
4- once the right hand reaches the head I hold for a second then release
5- once the right hand release the left hand starts moving upward and the right hand then grips down firm on the base and the process repeats.

After 5-10 strokes with each hand I shake out re-adjust my erection level and start back at step 1.

By doing this I hold the skin back near the base to prevent too much skin stretching as well as constantly keeping a large volume of blood in my dick while jelqing.

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Thanks guys. I decided kegeling before jelq strokes is best for me. I cant get the expansion I need without the kegels. Everything is going well with the jelqing.

Originally Posted by Rahman810
Thanks guys. I decided kegeling before jelq strokes is best for me. I cant get the expansion I need without the kegels. Everything is going well with the jelqing.

I try to kegel before every jelq. I haven’t had any issues with this technique. I also get greater expansion kegeling.

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