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Lockboxes for pe equipment security


Lockboxes for pe equipment security

Does anyone here have any experience with little boxes that can hold a few PE devices while preventing nosy girlfriends, flatmates, etc from ever being able to get to them?

I would like a container large enough to hold a couple cable clamps, some wrap, a small hanger, and an extender. But I’d also like it to be as discrete and hide-able as possible. I was looking at some things like this and this but I’d rather not spend so much if I don’t have to to get good “unopenability”.

I just figured this is something there must be thousands of other fellas here who have been interested in and thought I’d check what other people have found success with. I see there are very many very inexpensive locking boxes on ebay but just looking at them it’s hard for me to tell which ones would really be good and which ones at least a PERSISTENT nosy person would be able to get into fairly easily (e.g. Ones that can be “picked” with hairpin or something like that etc).

Locks always make people curious. Concealment is probably a better option. Of course you could always double up and conceal the lock box.

If you do conceal a lock box though, and it is still found, you lose plausible deniability, so it is it probably better to just conceal your equipment without locks. Most PE equipment has other uses besides PE. A Pump, for example, is normally of the type that is used to bleed brakes. If it’s found together in a locked box under your bed with a bunch of other PE shit and some porn, that won’t help you make a plausible excuse. :)

toolbox (e.g., Stanley)

Why small? Put them in your trunk and lock it. But the toolbox is a good idea too.

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I use an old army ammo box. They run $5 to $10 at a surplus store, and you can lock them. Plus they’re big enough to fit all my pe gear. But small enough to stash almost anywhere.

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Would anyone know what they were or what they were used for if they weren’t in the know? If not, why hide them at all and bring attention to them. I think most of that stuff would look at home in a tool box. How many women look in a tool box? That’s why I agree with plustwo.

I use a duffel bag that holds all my stuff - a pump, clamps, wraps, lube, and other things. I put a small lock on it and conceal it in the corner of the closet when anyone is visiting (I live alone, but have friends, girlfriends, etc over). I also have an IR lamp that doesn’t fit in there, but again, that I just stick in the corner out of sight.

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In addition to the other good suggestions, you can use a footlocker/trunk that is locked with a padlock, or a steel storage cabinet from an office supply store. I think nearly all of the cheap locking safes, such as the Sentry ones, are trivial to open and use the same key for every model. A child can learn how to open a cheap safe by doing a quick Web search. The more expensive anti-theft safes or gun safes can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Office supply cabinets might be harder to open than Sentry safes, but some of then can be opened by yanking the door hard enough due to the way that thin steel bends. I would think padlocks purchased separately from the device would be more secure. I use a small office storage cabinet that has a lock on it to store various private items. Staples and Office Depot sell these. The cost is between $100-$200 for the preassembled welded ones and they are often deeply discounted on sales. You can buy footlockers from Walmart or similar stores for around $30-$50, but I think they are seasonal items. With footlockers you supply your own padlock. Most file cabinets have locks on them that would be more secure than sentry safes or storage cabinets. You could use one of the drawers for your private stuff and the other drawers could be used for files. If you really want security, you need to look specifically for anti-theft safes or gun safes.

Plausible dependability is your best bet, as mentioned above. Use your cable clamps for cables, keep your break/bleeder pump with other car equipment.

The second best thing would be a safe with a secret compartment. Lock up the safe with something semi-valuable (or personal), but don’t try to hide what’s in the safe so people’s curiosity would get the better of them. In the secret compartment put your PE equipment.

Ah the joys of living alone lol. Could have a whole room rigged up for PE!

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Originally Posted by Lord Harris
Ah the joys of living alone lol. Could have a whole room rigged up for PE!

Fuck a whole room. Lets rent out a warehouse and open up a PE gym!

Use a footlocker or the like to hold personal items, but hide anything you actually want kept secret elsewhere. A lock says “please keep out” but means nothing to anyone who does not respect personal boundaries. Useful in determining who is trustworthy, but not always effective for secrecy.

There was a great book released by Paladin Press a while back called “How to Hide Anything” which has some helpful hints if you want to conceal things from prying eyes.

If your room mates are anything like mine were in college you could just keep your valuables in the vacuum cleaner - They'll never find them there! :D

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Take your time, pick a simple routine you can stick to, and be consistent in your efforts. Patience is the key.

# 1 Rule for living with roommates: Install a real keyed lock on your bedroom door and use it everyday.

If you do this, then the only concern is the girlfriend snooping. She will likely question anything in sight that is locked, so you will need to keep it out of view. You can use the inside of your box-spring (if your bed sits on the floor), underneath a dresser, or inside some shoe boxes on the top shelf in your closet. I also like the toolbox option with regular tools in the top tray and PE tools underneath. Personally, I wouldn’t use a lock-box that is small enough to be stolen unless you have a regular keyed lock on your door to protect it.

As for me, I use a standard hotel room safe in my closet. It was around $110 at Costco and it holds everything (Bib, Bathmate, hanger, weights, private sd cards, ect). My girlfriend is nosy too an she bugged me about it a few times. I just told her that I keep my company checks and her nude pics on sd cards inside it for safe keeping. She already found my Bib hanger and weights last year so I’m sure she knows anyway.

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