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Long term PE and Penile Health ????

Long term PE and Penile Health ????

Latelly I have become interested in long term PE effects regarding penile health.

How many of you guys have been PEing for more than 9 years?

Maybe one or two members here? LOL

I don’t think anybody on the forum is close to 9, I’m close to 4 and stillwantmore must be 5. I don’t think there are to many guys longer than 5. I can speak for myself that my penis is bigger and healthier except with a few bouts of over working it and some discoloration, I couldn’t be happier as far as my penis goes. Now the rest of my life is a different story but the penis is great!

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Not a single erection/penis health problem for me either so far and I have put my ‘wang’ through some abuse. Yep, 4.5-5 years ish off and on with this year being my most consistent and …surprise, surprise best year for gains.

Well, I have been PEing since 2000 with sometimes long periods without exercising and never had an erection or any other kind of problem. On the contrary, I do believe that PE has improved my sexual performance.
When I started I over did it the first two months and I experienced some discomfort but a great part of it was psicological since I was kind of alone and I was not sure that what I was doing was safe.

In the long term the less injuries/discomfort you have experienced the better for your penis. That´s why I believe that a conservative approach to PE is only way to go.

As serious PEers we should compare ourselves with non PEers in the future.

Since there are no scientific studies on the subject we should pay attention to the long term PE effects carefully. After all, what is more important than penile health?

How would I define long term in PE? ——-> Up to or more than 9-10 years. Do you agree?

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