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Never used a traction device myself, not any from the stores that is. But I think that from the reported experience here from other members, it is safe to say that their reviews and claims are far fetched.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t work. They are great as an ADS to keep the penis elongated after workout. That means that they give good length results when used diligently and combined with manual stretches. But it is ludicrous to expect girth gains from solely this. For girth you need to jelq primarily, and other advanced exercises. That is assuming you already finished the newbie routine.

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If you PE and wear the extensor you might get 1.5inch of length but girth I doubt, but you’ll need to do everything very right and the extensor nose need a time to get used so I would say the first 2 months to adapt then the shit get real, I only start getting results after I started PEing before that was only wearing the extensor

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Originally Posted by King1990

It’s a bit early to be clamping, do the routine ur doing now for 90 days than start to experiment you don’t want to end up with a floppy winky!!

Based on what, exactly?

Originally Posted by MasterKey
Based on what, exactly?

well friend YOUR :) only 3 weeks into a consistent routine so I would definitly take it easy in order to avoid injuries. your goal is to have a tough cock before clamping Clamping injuries and since you haven’t really been PE’ing 10 years straight more on and off I would rock the newbie routine like its christmas morning for a bit longer, if I was you.

Originally Posted by Big Girtha
First off if you ARE a newbie, you have no business clamping at all. These are very intense exercises and should only be attempted by those who have really toughened up the penile tissues to withstand the abuse.

Plus the general consesus is that SOME people no longer gain length when clamping. I am still using the newbie routine post 3 months and seeing gains so why stop in my eyes.

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