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MEG. How do you guys measure it?

MEG. How do you guys measure it?

Since my dick tappers of from base along the shaft I’ve always taken measurements at different places on the shaft. Like lower shaft and upper shaft. Yesterday I thought about MEG, I’ve always considered it to be taken in the middle of the penis, but are we supposed to take it middle of the shaft? Since I’ve a fairly long glans (over 2”), this gives 2 different MEG.

And is the middle length the middle of BP or NBP?

I’ve always thought that this was pretty straightforward measurement. But I realize now how it can be done differently and when googling I’ve even find MEG close to the base (equivalent to lower shaft girth).

How do you take it?

Originally Posted by G263
Don’t overthink it. Visually what appears to be mid shaft is MEG. I suppose you could get all technical and go with bone pressed mid shaft. Me personally, I would just look at my dick and pick the middle.

That’s what I’ve always done. But if we want to compare with clinical studies and have some form of standard measurement it would be nice to know. My MEG measurement differs more than 0.25” when using different techniques.

It’s interesting to know how other people take it, that’s why I want their opinion.

I take my MSEG measurement at my thickest point, located about half of the length of my penis.

I take mine right below the scar line.


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