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I suppose it just depends on the roll— and possibly even the shape of the penis.

Originally Posted by UkranianTitan

I agree. An unusually thick penis is probably rarer than the ostensible 10 inch penis. I think the thing with length is that only two or three guys out of a hundred can measure at a true 7NBP+, but if you’re a thinner guy at that length (As most are), girls will exaggerate 7-7.5 NBP out to 9 or 10 inches. That said, a true 9-10 inches NBP is probably such a rarity that I don’t even know that Mandingo is that big, but since girls aren’t aware of girth sizes they will be even more impressed with 6+ when maybe one guy they’ve been with has ever been that large. I am just curious, how big is your flaccod as you say you can’t fit it in a TP roll? That must be huge.

It depends primarily on the corpus spongiosum when talking about thickness, if someone has a bigger CS, the shape on the shaft it will skew the measurements slightly

Jzeg,Great point. I am definitely thicker in the CS, and would like to know how to thicken the CC. Interestingly though, A penis actually has more perimeter with a thicker CS and than a thick CC. Conversely it has less volume. The more accurate a doctor’s study is of a penis with a thick CS, the more inaccurate the study would be in terms of using circumfrence to get the volume.

Someone please correct me if my math is wrong. The way I see it is a soft measuring device, or an extremely accurate device would have to travel around the CS rather than the quickest point from A to B. I know it’s really small numbers were working with, but every bit counts in the world of PE!

Does anyone know a specific type of workout for improving CC girth?

Jelqs seem to work for all kinds of girth


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