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My Elist Implant Experience

Dude looking at that pic Day46f.JPG it seems you were pretty close to develop necrosis. Why nobody wants to sue butcher Elist? That guy should be in jail not in clinic.

Thank you for share your experience, it will be very helpful for many people.

Get A Lawyer

Take my advice and get a good attorney that specializes in medical malpractice. Your doctor (and the implant manufacturer) would likely agree to a financial settlement long before they went into court with those damning photos in your attorney’s hands.

Good luck and, seriously, get some legal advice.


Thank you for your courage in showing us what could go wrong as a result of choosing the surgery option. I realize now that although PE is slow, it is safer choice, not to mention super-economical.

I’m so pissed about what that doctor did to you, that if I were in your shoes I would look into suing him!

My God I’m glad I saw this b/c I was very seriously thinking about getting this surgery. I had even sent them an Email to set up the free consultation.. Talk about going through a nightmare I’m glad you are recovering.

Thank you for sharing your story txhog, that took a lot of courage. And if at all possible get a lawyer, all of those pictures that you took will serve you well.

I didn’t read whether you had cancer or some other surgical needs to have this done. I had prostate cancer, but didn’t need a implant for erections after about 18 months. Looks very painful and fairly messed up. I’m assuming things are better now.

The guy who used to promote Dr Elist and made him popular, causing devastation for so many men, has now re-entered the penis enlargement business. He now runs SurgicalLifeEnhancement and works with Dr Comacho-Melo and Dr Luis. So obviously avoid them at all costs. He used to post here under the username “crashex”.

Date of procedure ?

So sorry about your hardship. My blood pressure definitely spiked and I cursed out loud when I saw the pictures. So glad you are finally recovering. Can you please tell me the date of your initial implant surgery? Thank you.

Why do you want the date? Preparing to sue him for providing people with this info?

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Reason for date request

No. I just got my suspensory ligaments cut, and I was seriously thinking about this procedure, as well, until I read this post. I’m wondering if they have improved the implant and overall process since this case occurred? I was told that this has evolved and Dr. Elist just recently upgraded the implant last year. I’m wondering if this happened since then? Those pictures scared the shot out of me, so I am obviously very apprehensive now. When I inquired I thought someone might think I was working for them, but I am a potential future patient. It’s my understanding that cases like this are very rare, but after reading about this case, I don’t know if I’m willing to take the risk. I can’t believe the separation of the glands and the openings that developed.. Very disturbing! I can see why you would be defensive and skeptical, however. I am certain they read posts like this and have the means for litigation to try to protect their business. I don’t know how all that would shake out because I’m not a lawyer, but I think he should have gotten a refund and free counseling at the least! Thanks.

Elist claims to update his implant every couple of years it seems. But it’s irrelevant as he can’t get around the fact he’s using a solid foreign body implant in a dynamic organ.

Anyway how can you possibly even consider trusting your penis to a Dr that has caused so much carnage? Search for his results on PE forums and you’ll see what I mean. He employs PR companies to write fake reviews for him on health grade websites, so ignore those and just research the real world patients you see on forums. His implant has about a 90% failure rate and even the rare success cases admit that it’s easy to feel there is an implant, so sexual partners will be aware you’ve had the surgery.

This shows tremendous courage coming forward with your experience and pictures. This will no doubt save many men the pain and agony of the very real risk of things going south with a procedure like this.

I hope you get every penny back and more considering how he refused to refund you at the end of this painful experience.

Take care

Thank you

Thanks so much for posting about your experience. I had read about this procedure and semi-considered it, but thanks to your post and a bit more research I’ve definitely decided against. Best of luck as you move forward!

Thank you for sharing

You are very courageous. I hope you are doing well.


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