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My Strange Girth Story.


The others didn’t suffer the same reaction as I did but neither did they gain anything from it. One guy had a lot of problems with his foreskin after the surgery and eventually had it all removed to become fully circumcised. As a result he lost a lot of sensitivity and he told me it had affected his sex drive. He was quite depressed about the whole thing and I have now lost contact with him.

Priapus Shot Licensing Application

This guy is a quack and is engaging in some serious ethical violations. His marketing alone is a pure emotional appeal without any real evidence to back up his claims. He goes around PE forums advertising his EXPERIMENTAL procedure, but bails when people start expressing legitimate concerns regarding the safety and efficacy of his procedure. Watch the video where he is playing Moonlight Sanata in the background and trying to sell you a book in an over the top dramatic fashion, while comparing your body to a circus tent… If he was legit he would be conducting trials where he compensated volunteers instead of charging patients $1900 to be guinea pigs for an experimental procedure.

Does PRP have potential? I think it may, but it seems too dangerous to risk without more research. Guys just be safe, read this guys website and analyze how he has written it. You will notice it looks more like every other PE scam website than a website dealing a medical procedure.

I an aware of this guy, and he approach does seem a little bizarre. But reading threads about how injuries caused a rush of growth factor to the affected area does make me wonder whether this could be similar to my own situation.


The “Urethral sounds” as you say it. Does this mean they shortened ( cut out ) your urethra tube by .50” to get out the damaged section?

Doing this caused your stretched and flaciid length to shrink by the same amount?

The reason I ask is some of us have a limiter in the middle of penis, which many have proposed is the “septum”. A tough fibrous membrane which seperates the CC bladders.

It may be possible that in some cases it is the “urethra tube”, if that entity is not as soft and flexible as veins and arteries.

Correct me.

Also if doc mentioned anything dealing with stretching and the urethra itself that would be imformative to us.



Not quite sure what you are referring to. The stuff that needed removing was under the shaft skin. He simply made an incision in the skin, which happened to be underneath, in the scrotum actually, and cleaned out everything from underneath the shaft skin , and washed the inside with saline. He said there bits of scaffold and a horrible liquid which came out.


Ok, so he cleaned the area out and the penis retracted in the flaciid and erected states?

I thought he cut a section of urethra out.

No he didn’t cut anything out, just cleaned it all out under the shaft skin, removing the remaining scaffold and all the liquid which had accumulated. It was a hell of a lot. My flaccid before the surgery had swollen up to over 6” in girth and was red all over. And then after the surgery a major retraction - scary stuff !


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