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My Strange Girth Story.


My Strange Girth Story.

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Anyway, this is how I gained a permanent half an inch in erect girth over 3 months in a totally unexpected fashion. I hope it contributes in some tiny way to the sum total of knowledge about PE. Apologies for the length of this post , I’ll try to keep it a brief as possible.

Up until 3 years ago my size was something that rarely entered my head. Yes a bit of a flaccid issue, but sexually I was confident. That was until I divorced and met a girl who made a life changing comment. I don’t need to spell it out, you know what I’m talking about.

My size at the time was 6ins nbpel and girth 4.7 base, 4.5 mid. Well a bit of research into average sizes and my self esteem started plummeting fast. I took up hanging, but after 3 months and zero gain, I decided the whole thing was a crock and surgery the only answer.

Fast forward 2 years. I met a few other UK guys on this forum and together we decided to have scaffold surgery in Serbia. And so we did. This was May 2009. The surgery went ok and back in the UK I started to heal. But then one month later a problem. The scaffold rapidly started breaking down to liquid, first the size of a penny and gradually expanding day by day. My shaft skin became red and started burning. The Serbian doctor’s help was as good as useless, he obviously had no experience of this. My research suggested I’d had a immune reaction to the PLGA scaffold which had created a corrosive byproduct.

I was extremely concerned and hastily made an appointment with a London urologist, where tests for infections proved negative and a decision was made to remove all remaining scaffold and anything else which was found asap through a small incision at the base underneath my penis.

The bandages were removed after 3 days. The flaccid looked a little odd but I expected it to heal ok. The next day when I awoke with morning wood I was in for a shock. My penis had shrunk considerably ! My erection was an inch shorter and half inch smaller in girth. It looked tiny, and I sunk to my lowest point. I cannot emphasize how depressed. Never had I felt this bad. I was absolutely convinced I’d screwed my cock up and would never have sex again !

The doc said I should give it 2 weeks and start pumping. I thought it was bs but had nothing to lose. After about a month I was surprised to see my size coming back. After another month I was totally amazed to see it getting thicker than it was before any surgeries ! I kept it up for 3 months and I reached a 5ins girth. My length recovered to 5.8 nbpel. I assumed this girth gain of 0.5ins was probably temporary but one year on it was still there, with no maintenance at all.

So what actually caused this gain ? I am convinced it has nothing to do with the scaffold as it was all removed. I also doubt I would have gained this from pumping alone in such a short space of time. I have no proof but my theory is that a combination of pumping and healing (from the immune reaction), is what caused it. I’ve no idea if this is correct but it’s food for thought anyway.

Moving on from that, 4 months ago I started pumping again and quickly gained a further 0.25”. However a further 2 months have produced no more. Oddly enough this recent gain is only there with strong morning wood. At other times I’m unable to get hard enough to achieve it. My goal is a 5.5” girth, but for the moment further progress is on hold

Well written post. I’m glad you recovered from your surgery experience.

Thank you for contributing scotland. The use of PRP therapy has been controversially discussed as a booster for manual PE. Your story may provide anecdotal evidence for that. Did the doctor tell you why he recommended the pump? I assume to get regular blood flow for healing?

Sounds like a really frightening adventure. Congrats on the girth gain

Glad it worked out in the end. I am inclined to think you would have gained with the pump alone though. It’s my impression.

Start (aug '09) 6x5

Current [(AUG'10) 7 x 5.25] [(OCT'10) 7.25 x 5.3] [(OCT'12) 7.5 x 5.5]

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The doc told me they recommend a pump to those who have had an implant for ED. Apparently after the surgery retraction is common. The nurse also told me it’s important to use the pump within 6 months of the surgery, otherwise healing has taken place and it’s too late to recover any lost size.

You had the implant procedure?

It’s worth mentioning that part of what makes this story so interesting is that in the past Scotalnd had pumped and not gained. So it might not be a simple case of newbie gains, as I suspect many will suggest. I also think it’s true that from the moment he gained his half inch he did no maintanance at all for a around a year, so his gains don’t seem at all inline with the way people normally seem to gain from pumping. From what I understand (I know Scotland personally), he pumped for a few weeks, noticed a half inch gain and once he got it, it remained. There was no gradual up and down period that pumpers usually describe.

Thanks for pointing out his past history with a pump joey that makes this more interesting. A year off and no change is permanent in my book. I’ve noticed a lot of people on the forums make girth gains regardless of technique only to lose them after a long break. For him to keep it for a year is good news.

No I didn’t have an Implant. I was simply saying that the doc also does implants.

Oh ok, so I suppose they recommended it to promote healing through bringing in more blood flow. Scotland did you gain length too during the period you gained girth?

No I think it’s more of the stretch. After an inflatable implant for ED, the retraction is mainly length I believe.

I didn’t gain any length but I did regain most of what I had lost.

Damn, I can’t even imaging what you went through. How did the others that had the surgery turn out?

I am guessing that the inflammatory response that resulted from the surgery to remove the scaffolds resulted in the fascia becoming “softer” and less resistant to deformation from pumping. I’m not sure another individual with the same sequence of events would experience the same result. I think you are lucky that everything didn’t become scarred up and retracted.

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