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My Take On PE.

My Take On PE.

Being a virgo with LLD, I analyze, analyze, and over analyze everything.. I’m now looking at PE like I do body building/weight training.. It’s taken me years to find out what makes my gains come faster, and what hinders them.. I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of what hinders or exacerbates my gains is what’s going into my body..

That given I had the thought yesterday, why would the penis be any different?? Just as with bodybuilding, there are routines that DO WORK!! Thing is, a lot of the progress and speed of gains depends on diet and rest.. That given I’m now fully convinced the same applies to PE..

Cutting out things such as alcohol, nicotine, excess sodium are a start to me.. Also, eating clean no big mac’s, shitty processed food but rather replacing them with quality protein sources, good carbs, and fats as found in fish or a fish oil supplement.. I believe really in fully body development.. I believe with this mindset, PE gains will infect be hastened..

Currently I consume 3000 clean calories a day.. I’m 180lbs at 5ft 9, and take in around 180-200g of protein per day.. My base supplement regimen is this.. Live probiotic twice per day, 3g vitamin c, 1g l-lycine, 50mg chelat ed zinc, 200mg fish oil, maca with horny goat weed, yohimbie, 200mg b complex, and 100mg DHEA..

I’m 46 and feel wonderful.. I don’t eat pizza, carry out fast food, or high calorie, toxic garbage.. I go to the gym maybe one or twice a week.. I’m thinking no from a medical standpoint, if we can do everything we can to keep our natural testosterone levels higher, PE g as ins will be easier to attain.. It makes perfect sense really.. I’m thinking also of finding a quality NOS supplement to even further expand blood flow..

This is a new journey for me and an exciting one just like bodybuilding was.. I had a lot of bumps in the road on that bodybuilding journey, learning what works and doesn’t.. Thing is now I feel confident the lessons learned years ago will play a role in my success in PE..
Have fun with this guys, do it for yourself.. Dint do it for a woman, man etc. Don’t feel stressed or pressured to get staggering gains quick as possible..

In closing, I’ll say garbage in garbage out.. Gains in the penis will reflect on the over all health of the body, and what you fuel it with.

Hi, what are your goals and reasons behind starting PE?

I see you take quite a lot of supplements maybe add in L-Arginine.

What is your routine?

Originally Posted by TheTerrible
Hi, what are your goals and reasons behind starting PE?

I see you take quite a lot of supplements maybe add in L-Arginine.

What is your routine?

My goal is 8-8.5 inches.. I’m using for now what I’d call a basic routine.. I of course start off with a few minutes of Massage and a hot wrap.. I proceed to do manual stretches force 30 second hold in all directions X 3 sets.. I then pump now for 20-25 minutes at 17-20 kpa followed by 150 to 200 gentle jelq..

I do use l arginine I forgot to list that one.. I did my last session early, early this AM, I’m still full and hanging heavier.. It’s a pleasure to go take a piss lol!! Success in the venture is partially up stairs in the my mind my friend!

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