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My thoughts on 12 years of PE


Just new, could someone post link to newbie routine, thanks :)

Originally Posted by SNM
When working on length I don’t believe you need any breaks because you are trying to keep the ligs stressed.

Unless you are trying to stretch the Tunica.

A well tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men.

A well PE'd Penis gives girls the "Wow Eyes"

I :surf: therefore I am

Approx how long do you have to keep PE’ing before you ” cement ” the gain ? Newbie asking :D

Whenever good enough isn't enough, you can bet tomorrow you'll have enough.

Start: 7''BPEL x 5.7''EG

Still in my first. Hopefully if the forum is still around in 12 years I can make a similar post

(dd/mm/yyyy) 10/05/2013 BPEL 15cm (5.9 inches) ...22/11/2013 BPEL 19.5cm (7.68 inches)... 29/11/2014 BPEL 20.6cm (8.11 inches)

Short Term: 8 BPEL Long term: 8 NBPEL Long Long Term: 9 NBPEL

Hanging progress.......... Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week.

My best girth gains come early in the morning while pumping

Those who can gain lots of girth relatively quickly are very, very lucky indeed. It seems to be so damned elusive!

Starting stats:- Dec11th2008 7.2"bpelx6" meg.Mar23rd09 8.375"bpel x 6.125"meg. Mar10 8.4" bpelx6.125" meg.

Goal: 8"nbpel x 7" A one eyed monster by any standard :)

This could be the most important thread ever. I look at dudes who registered in 2001 and stuff, and I just really want to pick their brains.

Since a thick dick is so desirable, I am wondering if my pumping gains are temporary, and actual girth gains are from tunica stretching like from clamping. Which happens somewhat with pumping, but then clamping would be most time effective. More veteran thoughts?

Does Big Girtha sell those clamping devices? Can Bib’s uli Thing be safe and uncomplicated?

Us newbs are dying here! Please weigh in, big gainers and vets! Many thanks.

Start: 5.75 x 4.5 Current: 7 x 5.25

Such Spartan training is for the champ. -Bruce Lee

I would both clamp and pump and if your up to it jelq and stretch.

I have been on it since 2004 but My issue has always been to keep motivated. For me it is really the consistency and not giving up. For the last 2.5 years I have been Peing full on focussing just on Girth (I was already 8 inch BP). I started around 5.3 Inch mid shaft and I am now around 6.1 inch. It’s a slow process but it’s going.

So I think the important thing is not to give up and your gains will come (after your initial newbie gains). Find a way that works for you so you don’t throw in the towel. For me this was clamping and pumping as it does not feel like an excercise like jelquing, stretching, etc.

Pumping by itself will probably not do much that is why I clamp as well. I clamp 5 minutes, pump 10 minutes and do this about 3 times each while taking a bath. I also clamp in the morning, afternoon and at night for 5 minutes.

I do not take days off but as I travel a lot for work I do take breaks from pumping and usually clamp less while travelling. My Gains usually seem to manifest after I had to break up my routine for a while due to travel.

Originally Posted by Tom Hubbard
What I’ve been saying for 16 years ;-)

I attribute all of my length gains to pumping.

Started 7.75x5.75

Currently: 9.75bpX6.75eg My Picture Thread

Goal:10.0bpX7.25mseg Building a thicker unit, click by click, pump by pump, jelq by jelq!

Originally Posted by WantToBeThick
So I started PE for real in August of 2001 (I had dabbled 10 years earlier with no real improvement). I had some initial success doing the newbie routine. In fact those were the quickest gains of my life. Pay attention newbies, start w/ the newbie routine. It really is the most productive routine to start.

Since then I have gone in spurts for maybe a year at a time and then taking huge chunks of time off (years).

Here is what I’ve learned.

1. Again, the newbie routine is the best way to start.

2. Girth is really hard to gain…for me at least. Some gain girth quickly. That’s not me.

3. Pumping didn’t work. Again this is just my experience. I’ve tried air and water. Heat and no heat. All I got were temporary gains. While I love the feeling of pumping and will continue to do it periodically, it has not resulted in any permanent gains.

4. While clamping does seem to make my erections stronger in general, I have yet to see any permanent gains.

So on the negative, I’m stuck at a hair over 5.5” in midshaft girth and can’t seem to to go beyond.

On the positive, I have not lost any of any of my hard-fought gains even when I took years off. And I suppose I should take some solace that I have a base girth of a solid 6”. In addition, I must concede that I am statistically quite long and girthy though I would prefer to have more.

So where am I now. I’ve decided to concentrate on the area that I have had “easy” gains: length. To that end I’m hanging 5 pounds as I type w/ a Bib starter. Hanging was the one area that I hadn’t really explored. And I’m again committed to ridding myself of most of my fat pad.

Also on the positive, I’ve learned how to listen to my penis. It sounds goofy, but really is important to avoid injury.

I’ve seen people come and go on this board, but must admit that it’s the best PE board out there.

Oh, and has my wife noticed? Nope. She has noticed the discoloration, but that’s it. Guess that’s the up/or downside of growing slowly.

Edit: another plus is that I’ve been very lucky with injuries. Discoloration is another story.

Those are quite a lot of gains though. Over 1x0.5” would be a dream come true for me. Were they all basically from the newbie routine? How long did it take you to achieve the girth gains, especially? Pumping and clamping never worked for me either. It drives me a little crazy not being able to gain girth.

Originally Posted by kooljohn
Those who can gain lots of girth relatively quickly are very, very lucky indeed. It seems to be so damned elusive!

Maybe most of the easy girth gainers have “single ply” tunicas? There are structural differences.

Tunica Differences

I’m sure not one of them. My dick is probably steel belted.

Hanging helped increase my base girth some. Apart from that, most of my very limited girth gains came early on from a simple and infrequent newbie routine. I made a little progress at one point when trying to maintain mild shaft pressure for long periods (via wrapping, etc.), but that kind of stuff causes problems for me, examples being thrombosed veins, discoloration, etc.

1993 stats

WantToBeTthick , I looked at your profile and see you had entered measurements from 1993 of very good size just a little smaller than where you are now and noticed in 2001 you had alot of shrinkage from 1993 and from 2001 till now you gained all that you lost plus put on some above your 1993 numbers . Now my situation is somewhat similar just different numbers did you find getting back what you initially had a whole lot easier than actual new numbers you had never been to before , or was the extra growth kinda like the newbie gains they talk about. ? Thanks for your honesty in your profile.

Glad to know you haven’t had any serious injuries after doing PE for so long. We should all hope for that.


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