New ADS ANS technique

Please refrain from cynical comments if you dislike the idea. I am not interested in your personal preferences, only in comments of people who are interested in the following idea:

An alternative approach to the ads-attachment problem would be to attach the ads inside the glans (in the urethra). This type of ads can potentially be on all day all night. The stealth factor is superb because there is no need for attachment materials around your penis.

I am using the “swingball” (found on the website of steelpleasures). The weight is approximately 110 gm (if my calculation is correct - a 30 mm diameter steel ball). It has a central pee hole.

On their website there are also lower weight systems with a smaller diameter (for “beginners”).

As far as I know there are no balls with higher weight, at least not commercially available.

If things work out well I will consider to have a custom made device with higher weight.

In order to place such an ads in the urethra, some preliminary urethral training will be required. In this thread:

Aim: glans expansion. technique: urethral dilatation

I discussed urethral dilatation in some depth. There is a lot of criticism and there are some quite cynical comments in that thread from not all to open-minded posters. The idea is not intended for these kind of people. I am also not interested in this kind of comments in this thread.

Later - ttt