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Official Turkey Neck Thread!

Official Turkey Neck Thread!

Hey guys how you doing? Good that’s great. Anyways I wanted to go over some basics about the dreaded turkey neck(i think the technical name is penoscrotal webbing) because it is a problem for me, and I’m sure many others among the site.

So, first off, what I have noticed about the turkey neck is the following:
- Most people who have a downward curved penis(even if it is to the slightest degree) are usually more prone to have a turkey neck. (I am a victim)
- People who have upward curved dicks usually do no have one at all.
- People with straight dicks will also sometimes be unfortunate enough to have a turkey neck.
- Turkey necks makes the perception of ones dick to be smaller by all viewers.
- Turkey necks and condoms are enemies.
- Turkey necks suck!

Okay so moving along on to some solutions, conclusions, and ideas I have come up with.
- Cocks rings work fantastically for eliminating turkey necks. Ball stretchers are also glorious when Incorporated with a cock ring because these two contraptions turn loose skin into tight skin. (Now if one could find a way to do this permanently…)
- Ballooning eliminates the turkey neck while you are extremely hard because all that inner penis comes out to play, making the lose skin stretch out and tighten up, if that makes sense. The problem here is, I can’t ballooning while with a girl because I will surely bust my load.
- One of my theories about turkey necks which supports some of the reasoning mentioned above in what I have noticed about the turkey neck is the following: Upward curved dicks do not have turkey necks simply because they have the upward curve giving the skin something to be stretched out on the bottom of a penis. This is also why the perception of a downward curved penis can look bigger when viewed from above, while the upward curved penis is perceived to be bigger from below.
- Another one of my theories is simply that maybe there is no such thing as a turkey neck. Maybe god put all that extra skin there for a reason like to fill it up with your cock, which I can do but only with a hard ass erection.
- All you upward curved peckered people, consider yourselves lucky as you have the g-spot hitting turkey neckless wankers. (not to say us downward curved people can’t make the ladies go crazy)
- There is always surgery but I say fuck that because I don’t like the idea of sharp objects near my wang.
- Erect skin stretches which haven’t done much for me.
- An extender or static stretcher which I say fuck that because I can’t find a comfortable way to wear it for a million hours.
- Turn my downward curved dick into an upward curved one, which is nearly impossible.
- Make the CS chamber bigger without making the CC chambers bigger, which in turn would make a penis curve upwards more. (maybe jelq the CS chamber only, I don’t know)

Okay so all you turkey neckers out there like me, we all want the same thing: to be able to have sex or do whatever we want without the turkey neck present, without wearing a cockring or tool of some sort because I would find that somewhat embarrasing. To be honest with you all, if I would be able to eliminate my turkey neck, I would be done with PE, simply because when I stretch it out on to my dick, it becomes and looks much bigger in all ways perceived, if you can understand.

SO….I am presenting a challenge or something along the lines of it. If you have eliminated your turkey neck by all means please share your technique even if I have spoke badly about it. If you have an idea please present it. But the ultimate challenge would be to create a turkey neck tool that PERMANENTLY eliminates it because tools are effortless which is what I like.(like a ball stretcher shown in drillas clamp-o-rama thread, Oh BTW drilla where did you get that? I would love to order one and wear it 24/7 and find out if that will do the trick.

I am currently in the process of wearing a shoelace tied around my nuts for as long as I feel like which eliminates the turkey neck while the shoelace is there, but the turkey neck returns when I take it off. (erect or flaccid)

P.S. Monkeybar I know you are lurking around here somewhere hehe… You have invented some fantastic PE tools and all of us turkey neckers would be very greatful if you came up with one more. I will pay anything!;)

P.S.S. If I said anything offensive it was not meant to be. This was meant to be a helpful, working together thread so lets make it that, shall we? Let’s get crackin’! Cheers!

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I read about an exercise called “Reverse Erect Skin Stretch”. Here’s a brief description of the exercise:

It’s really simple, you basically grab the penis an inch or so below your glans (just under the circumcision scar if you’re cut), with an OK-grip, while erect and then gently pull the skin downwards towards the base to a point where you feel you get a good comfortable stretch. The idea is that it should stretch the shafts skin to counter the turkey neck effect.

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Originally Posted by philio1

Oh BTW drilla where did you get that? I would love to order one and wear it 24/7 and find out if that will do the trick.

Ball Stretcher. You could easily make your own with a leather strap approx 6 x 1.5” and some velcro..

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The above sounds good.

When I had ED I had lost my upward curve and had a bit of an excess skin problem.

So what I did was jelq with A “you” grip.

Lay down or sit when doing this.

Your semi erect penis should be pointing toward your belly button.

Make a Spock sign, now curve the fingers a bit.

With that make a base grip on your penis. But, makes sure as much of the turkey neck as possible is below this base grip you may have to bunch it up a bit.

Move the base grip up toward the glans, (don’t jelq the glans)

As the grip moves up toward the glans the turkey neck tightens or the skin moves up behind your grip.

I found that this style of jelq also speed up the re-growth process of regrowing my penis.

I still do this jelq even today I did it I also use this with squeezes and Uli’s.

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My reasoning is totally opposite yours. I have an upwards curve and a turkey neck. I always thought that since the skin was pulled tight on the underside then the skin would stretch out and give a turkey neck! I really haven’t ever noticed a problem with it though.. In fact I never noticed it until I came onto thunder’s place!

I have an awful turkey neck and I have an upward curve. This is due to being circumcised though. Any stretching, or PE has made it worse. My scrotum literally connects, halfway down my shaft (this is where my testes lie when I pull my dick straight out, or have an erection that points straight out).

The turkey neck does get in the way also, and yes it makes my penis look about half as big as it is, yes half. Since my scrotum is now “attached” halfway on my penis shaft- instead of at the base where it is supposed to be - it is a far cry from anatomically correct.

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Thanks guys. Keep the ideas coming this is great!

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I also have an upward curve, and bad turkey neck. It goes about half way up my shaft. I have just recently been trying to address the problem. Hopefully I can get rid of it.

I guess I was wrong about the upward curved dicks not having a turkey neck. Sorry for the ignorance.

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Can you show me an example of a turkey neck?

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It’s when your sack connects halfway down your dick.

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The search NO longer continues. :)

FWIW, after over 2 years of FR (foreskin restoration), I have eliminated my pubic/scrotal pull on the top and sides of my shaft and drastically decreased the amount of turkey neck on the underside. My circumcision as an infant left me with a decent amount of inner skin, but little outer skin and so I started with a large amount of turkey neck. The key to decreasing it is to stretch, and therefore expand, the skin *above* where the turkey neck ends. If you stretch the skin below where it ends then you will end up adding more skin to it and moving it further along the shaft as you grow. As long as you grow skin above its end point then it will fall back to where it naturally belongs over time. If you have no, or very little, good shaft skin to expand on the underside then penoscrotal surgery might be the only option.

- Chris


Do you mean you have to stretch the skin between the point where the turkey neck ends on the underside of the shaft and your glans? I hope you understand me.


If I got this right the trick is to stretch the skin of the underside of the penis between the insertion of the web and the circumcision scar.

Later - ttt

Yes, that’s what he means.

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