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7” NBPEL is where I think I finally will be content and 5,5”EG. It really is a much respectable size.

Indeed it is, but I’ll probably end up doing PE as long as I’m gaining and as long as I don’t get diminishing returns for invested time.

Unfortunately, my fat pad is closer to 1” (even though I’m lean and have abs), I guess it’s genetic, so by the time I reach 7.5” BPEL, my NBPEL will be closer to 6.75”.

Yeah I know, need to see some gains soon myself. Been investing from 20- 40( up at 40 this week) minutes each day now for soon to be 3 months straight, but nothing yet, been switching it up this week splitting up the jelqing and stretching will take the weekend off to see if anything has happened by Sunday. Sure hope so.

My fat pad is around 0,75” need to double-check come to think of it. I’m also quite lean thinking I’m somewhere in the 7- 9% range in body fat with quite visible abs, it also helps in the whole appearance of the package and looks cool as hell being ‘shredded’ IMO.

A big flaccid would be nice as a mofo as well, dreaming of looking like ‘superman’ in a speedo, haha. I’m twisted like that. Hope we both get paid eventually, being ‘ol’ tymers’ doing the deed.

Congrats :-)

"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man's determination"

Start (Again) 19-09-2015 Lengh15.5cm / 6.1inchBPEL , EG aproxcimate 13cm / 4.95inch

Goal BPEL 7 inch 18 cm EG 5.5inch Work Hard, Gain Hard


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