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Orange bends - collective experiment

When I first heard of them I started doing them and gained a little less than 1/8” girth in a few weeks, but then gains just stopped completely. I still do them once in a while, but I like to change it up with different exercises on my non pump, non rest days.

I think the exercise might unlock some potential that isn’t found in other exercises, but some people may not have that potential or they have already met it with other exercises. Not sure. It would explain Mr. Orange’s rapid gains, but I don’t believe he really gained as much as he said he did in such little time. You’d have stretch marks all over your dick if you did.

It is definitely worth a try as an exercise, though. If you do get a little bit of rapid gains, great, if not, I think it is still a decent exercise to keep in your PE arsenal.

Starting Stats: BPEL 5.5" EG 4.4" -- Current: BPEL 6.9" EG 4.95" -- Short Term Goal BPEL 7", EG 5.25" -- Ultimate Goal : BPEL 7.5" EG 5.75"

Originally Posted by Pizzza
So O-bends are practically sadsack slinkys with an added grip at the glans.. ??

Are bends really that beneficial? Wouldn’t raw expansion (from squeezing/clamping the base, which is done in both) without bends have most of the effectiveness of these exercises?

I do all of the above. I am a bit ADD with my jelqing. As Vin Diesel begins to change his attitude, I modify grip and technique to accommodate. I am less focused on the particular method as I am on the desired result, which is to cause +100% expansion. Bends do this wonderfully on the outside curve, or so my PIs are telling me.

Try this: Get plump but not hard — repeat, not hard, just plump. Now hold left hand straight down over your right thigh, like you are sticking your left hand into your right pocket. Pin your penis beneath the wrist almost like you are karate-chopping it at the base with your left wrist. Cross your right arm over the top of left (make an X with your wrists) and grip behind the glans OK-style, reverse (palm toward your feet). Haul Mr. Diesel over your left wrist. At full stretch, rotate your left wrist with the stretch for additional pressure. Add your thumb if you need length accommodation. You can really control the stretch intensity, and you’ll feel a great deal of pressure on the outside portion of your bend. Hold for a minute or two, then switch sides, and you’ll need to shake out the numbness between sets, but I maintain plumpness very well with this exercise, even to the point of becoming hard — which implies good, unrestricted bloodflow, always a good thing.

I don’t bend with hard erection, but I do apply lateral pressure to some of the erect squeezes (very lightly). Bends work best at plump, but before it begins to get firm.

I am four months in and really just getting started (finally conditioned), but I can say my erections are muchly improved. I don’t think I have seen a literal girth gain, but rather a firmer erection, which is less willing to compress during insertion. I think some guys report an EQ gain as a mass gain. Nope. It takes months to add 1/8” of mass-girth to any part of your body (arms, legs, calves, penis, etc), so girth is a patient routine for sure. Stretching is different, but girth is a very slow process no matter the meat.

I’ll let you know if I see measurable results, but my body is telling me the side-bends and jelqing/squeezing feel pretty solid.

Tagging this thread. Good stuff.

- Saul


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