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Over 1/4 inch girth in 6 weeks

Over 1/4 inch girth in 6 weeks

I actively manual PE’d for about 18 weeks, injured myself, and have since taken a 6 week break. My measurements before the break were 7x6.25. I measured tonight at 7.1x6.51. I would have rather put on length, but I’m happy to get growth of any kind…although length will probably be even more difficult now. I am hoping for a length growth spurt after the extended break. The injury is still present but since I will only be manual stretching (no girth work) it will hopefully continue to heal. Wish me luck.

p.s. My dick doesn’t look any bigger to me

One foot to go

You mean you gained during the break? Right on. Wish that happened to me.

Good job soflsun, always glad to hear success stories. 6 week break must have been tough.

I'm hung like Einstein and smart as a horse.

6.51”! Damn, that’s a thick stick. I am jealous. That is awesome. Nothing like taking time off and making serious gains. CONGRATS!


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My 5.5” feels thin :P

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What was the nature of your injury?


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