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Pain Prevents Me From PE-Story Included

Pain Prevents Me From PE-Story Included

It all started last Friday, the day I planned to finish my pe routine before a break I initially planned to do my routine in the morning and before bed but was too groggy after waking up, needless to say coffee did not help for pe purposes. Later on around 3Pm the entire area around here lost power from houses, appartments, businesses, and even street lights. I wanted to at that point but how in te he’ll was I to warm up without electricity for an IR lamp or hot water.

A few hours passed and my mom and I decided to head out to a friends house that had power which was nice. On the way back we decided to stop for hot fast food but were too grossed out by all te cheap crap. After a pit stop we finally agreed to head out to Burger King.

That was where the shit hit the fan and our pre owned Ford Intrepid lost power in the middle of a buisy street just before a U-turn. We tried to wave cars by but I guess hey didn’t get it in all the commotion. So I jumped out wearing pj bottoms, a t-shirt, and slip on shoes and pushed the heavy steel car out ofon coming traffic and down a hill where we coasted into a gas station.

Hours went by without power while we waited every 15-20 minutes trying to start the car like it saws in the manual. It’s something to do with sparks overheating or something. I even had to push the car a few more times to fill up the tank and maneuver it into a parking spot once the power returned.

Well, anyways that’s how it happened.

Now it appears I pulled my right rhomboid muscle and have a hard time turning my head to the right, and about erections. Let’s put it this way, I tried to pe for my usual routine but it took me about 4 hours off and on because I couldn’t concentrate. I have had this same injury before this time I believe it may be from over work or maybe I dropped my head during the push.

I’m not really upset by this but it does suck I can’t pe because of the amount of pain prevents me from maintaining an erection for long and i was looking foreward to going back to the gym again. Fortunately I still remember my home remedies for muscle pain so this shouldn’t last much longer than a week or so but I will have sleep upright in a chair until I can move my neck.


So, do we give out awards for lousiest stories? :D

I could’ve been reading an article LoL…

Get lots of ice on that rhomboid TGD! :)

May be a good time to try clamping!

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