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The PE 2-sock hanging method and story!

The PE 2-sock hanging method and story!

I’m what you call a recreational PE’er. I never realized how small a dick I had until I reviewed a homeporn vid me and this stripper did 3 years ago. I was looking at her giving me head and my dick was miniscule. I was shocked, it always looked fine to me from up here…..but cameras dont lie, so I measured. I was 5” X 5”. I’ve always had a real small nut sack and even when I used to get kicked in the balls by chicks, it never hurt cuz my nut sack wasnt big enough to even get hit. Sad huh?

So I grabbed some babyoil and started jelqing. Hoping to improve. The next week my women started commenting like “what the hell you been doing?” “It feels much much bigger”. So I think the jelqing made it harder and veinier but it still looked like the same length and girth. I measured, no noticeable difference. Total jelq sessions = 4. Longest session 15 mins.

I started hanging about 3 weeks ago. I couldnt find a swim cap at the Kmart since its out of season so I looked around my house and decided I’d use a black polyester church sock. I dropped the ac adapter from my cell phone in it, threw my house keys in it and my camcorder battery. Dont know how heavy it was, but those were the heaviest things I could find and I looked stupid walking around with that stuff bulging out a church sock and it hurt like hell. I tied it right underneath the head in a knot and proceeded to have it dangle while I was sitting in a chair at the computer.

I tried the DLDs once and after I was done, I couldnt even go take a dump. My pc muscle was too fatigued to do anything, I didnt like the feeling and wont be doing that anymore.

I looked at the Bib stuff and decided even though it was sound. It was too expensive and I didnt want to wait to get it.

After a few days, I decided I needed to know exactly how much I was using, so I went back to Kmart and bought me one of those lil plastic coated miniature dumbbells that women use when they go jogging to pump their arms. I bought the 2 pound one. It was heavier than my camcorder battery, cell phone ac adapter and the other thing put together. So apparently I was experiencing paiin from a one pound weight…lol I hung with the 2 pounded tied to the bottom of my sock for about 3 days. Then I moved up to a 5 pound dumbbell plate I found in my brothers room. I didnt know whether or not my stinky church sock would hold it, but I tied the knot and indeed it did hold it. I was always scared of the knot slipping and that plate falling on my foot, so I’m careful not to hang with my legs together and my feet being underneath. I went back in yesterday and got two-3 pound weights and am now hanging 6 pounds and in the process discovered something amazing accidentally. All the pressure was coming with the roughness on the knot tied around underneath the head of my penis and squeezing. And as we know with knots they get tighter as you pull harder, and that weight was pulling harder.

I was keeping my son this weekend and he left his lil babysocks over here, so I took his lil babysock and put it over my penis and it was a nice snug fit, and felt wonderfully soft and warm. So I tied the church sock around it again right by the head and didnt feel any pain from the weights at all. So before I was hanging for only 5-6 mins at a time before my penis head got cold, at which point I’d stop. Now I can hang for 20 minutes at a time and the babysock is so warm and comfortable, sometimes I forget I’m hanging.

Total hours hanging. Maybe 1.5 hours cumulative total.

So in a lil over 3 months with a combined total jelqing of 1 hour and hanging weights of maybe 1 and a half hours here are my results.

Before I was an inch non erect. Thats right an inch on a good day. Now non erect I hang 4-5” limp and 3 or 4 times the thickness of before. It flops around when I walk and feels heavy.

Erect I am now 6 1/8”. My dick still looks small to me (I guess I was expecting it to look like a porn star if it got bigger) , but thats what the tape says and the women swear that I’m doing something. After only 20 minutes now, they are all sore and begging me to stop and asking what the hell I been doing as I wasnt like this before.

So for my combined 2and1/2 hours of PE in 3 months, I’ve gained 3-4” non erect and 1and1/8 inches in length. My balls are now huge, they hang down about 3 inches now. I measured my girth and I am still 5 inches sadly.

I dont have a goal, as I didnt think this stuff would work anyway so I’m happy with whatever gains I’ve gotten or will get. I’m going to hang with my new 2 sock method tonight as it feels great and I’m going to do 6 pound weights for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night for the next week, and I will let you know the results this Saturday.

2 sock method.

Materials needed: One plain polyester dress sock(no grooves!!). One baby size 10 white sweat sock.

Process: 1.) Get your dumbbell plates of desired weight and thread the sock thru the middle holes and tie it in a knot. (I use the toe end of the sock) 2.) Slip the baby athletic sock over your penis. 3.) While kneeling on the bed take the other end of the polyester sock and tie it right underneath the edge of the head. Make a good knot, as it is a lot of weight. 4.) Slowly stand up and while holding the weight let it drop down gently to prevent injury. Now you are hanging!

Total Cost: $1.00 (we all have dress socks already at home, that we cant find the match too)

Any reviews positive or negative of the 2 sock method or my experiences would be appreciated. Its not a bib hanger, but it worked for me and can be made and taken apart in seconds and no one will be the wiser. The materials are easy to find. There’s no funny contraption to hide and can be disassembled or reassembled in seconds as needed.

(In my personal opinion I think the jelqing made the head of my penis permanently huge and that is what the women feel and the hanging is responsible for the length gains)

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Fabulous gains, worrying method.

With this sock noose you create and then hang with for up to an hour at a time, do you feel any loss of circulation? Do you relieve yourself of the weight and regain circulation after a few minutes? Sounds like a good way to get permanent damage (even with the padding of the baby sock). Check out Tom Hubbards site for alternate methods of creating cheap hangers.

Thanks for sharing. As I was reading I was constantly expecting to reach a tragic paragraph. Suspenseful (sic) stuff.

btw whats with the sig

Penis Enlargement Hypnosis CD for sale only $10!! Ships same day. Email me for details and remember to listen to it every night before you go to sleep.

Is this something you bought and are now trying to get rid of? Or are you the creator/distributor

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No, no loss of circulation. I used to feel the tip getting cold. But the tip of my penis would get cold standing up for 20 minutes naked anyway. Even if I was hanging I get cold real easy by nature.

I only hang for like 15-20 minutes. Like I said I havent done much more than a total 90 minutes hanging since I first started 3 months ago. So I’m averaging about 30 minutes a MONTH. And I hang standing perfectly still watching tv, or standing reading a book.

After I finish I go do a hot wrap, and thats it.

Why would you expect a tragic ending? I think we all are made different. Some of us can fall down a flight of steps and get up and walk away like nothing happened, others of us can trip on a shoe string and be limping the rest of our life. I dont think anything I’ve done has been dangerous. Hanging 20 pound weights by a sock I dont think would be prudent, but what pct of total pe’ers are hanging heavy weights anyway? That would be a good survey. The posts I’ve read most people never get anywhere close to that weight.

Thanks for your comment though, I will check Tom’s site. But I will stick the 2sock for the rest of this week.

Is this something you bought and are now trying to get rid of? Or are you the creator/distributor

After seeing some of the cd’s being sold for upwards of $200 on the internet, and some of the scripts being pure useless banter. I decided to use my PE insight to record one that is more effective. I didnt believe and dont now believe that someone who has never PE’d can make an effective PE hypnosis CD. I got one of my female coworkers to record it in her voice as it is somewhat erotic in nature and studies suggest men go into trance quicker and deeper at the sound of a female voice. I am going to record more in the future with suggestions specific to the exercises. Such as Jelqing hypnosis CD. A hanging hypnosis CD, A stretching hypnosis CD, etc and I do custom ones on request as well for other ailments such as smoking, weight loss etc.

I’m surprised you are not losing circulation. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the method of attachment. I guess if its not going blue in 20 minutes its not going to.

A noose behind glans is bad for circulation reasons and the fact that there is a major nerve bundle there (on the top of the shaft). If you feel any loss of sensitivity that could be the reason. Also this itch that you complained of in another thread, are you sure its fungal and not nerve related?

I’ve read a few threads that started with ‘I tied this sock’, thats why I was expecting tragedy :) The way I figure it is you only get one penis (unless you’re the recipient of a transplant) so a little care is in order. If you feel you are taking care then ok. We are all a little different, thats true, but we all have veins and nerves.

So you’re a hypnotist by profession? That explains the nic you use. Maybe you could add some insight to this thread :D

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LOL, the itch is jock itch. I’ had it several times during football season back in high school……..LMAO That was funny. I have gone back to wearing briefs while at work so to keep my heavier member off of my leg during the day and thus prevent the sweating where it lays.

And maybe I’m explaining the sock thing wrong. I’m not recommending to anyone to use it as rope. I did that early on and that didnt feel good. I just measured the sock it is about 2 1/2” wide. About the same width as the bib hanger. I dont take the sock and turn it into a thin string and tie a knot. I have it flat when I tie it, so it basically takes up all the space from my pubic bone to the head as I’m 4” when limp and my head is about 1”. So the 2 1/2” sock takes up most of the 3 inches available So the weight is spread evenly.

Believe me, I’m taking extra care to make sure I dont damage the merchandise. Especially with all the oooohhs and ahhs from the ladies lately…

nice gains man

How long did it take for initial gains to show, because I have been hanging for 2 - 3 weeks with nothing…


Be very careful tieing anything around you unit. Especially if you are going to add weight to it.

There are any number of homemade hanger instructions on this site. Most cost less than five dollars to make and have been proven safe. If you need to move up in weight, you will probably need to make one of these anyway, so why not now? If you need help making them, we will help you.


thanks Bib, I appreciate it!!

Re: nice gains man

Originally posted by Talian
How long did it take for initial gains to show, because I have been hanging for 2 - 3 weeks with nothing…

I think it is a much more gradual process than we’ve been led to believe. Just like with normal muscles you cant not lift weights your whole life and come out after lifting weights for 2-3 weeks straight looking like Arnold Schwarznegger. The body just doesnt work like that. No matter how many weights or exercises you do in those 3 weeks.

If you have been hanging for 3 weeks, take 3 weeks off and then measure, both erect and flaccid and see if you have any gains. My flaccid gains I noticed immediately and didnt notice the erect gains until I just out of curiosity happened to pull out a tape measure even though it didnt look any different to me and checked and sure enough there were the gains.

I think a big misconception is that everyones penis will suddenly look different, be shaped different, and look mean and fierce. With hanging only especially you dont gain in girth. So your dick will look the exact same way it does now even if it grows an inch. Thats why you have to get the ruler and check.

A lot of people on here wont admit it, but if they had been holding a ruler to their dick and taken measurements they would’ve discovered that just like your biceps and pectorals your penis too is probably different measurements than it was when you were younger. You have a girlfriend and you’re sexing 4-5 times a week for hours at a time. Then odds are your penis grew bigger during that time from the workouts with your gf. Just like your biceps would’ve gotten bigger if you worked them out 4-5 times a week for hours at a time. Now if you get sent out to sea for like Desert Storm and dont lift weights for 20 months, odds are your arms will lose mass, and strength and hardness and your biceps will be smaller. Similarly if you didnt have an erection or some exercise to your penis for 20 months then expect that it too will shrink up. No matter how big you were before you left. Inactivity is a muscles worse enemy.

That said, be persistent and measure. I’m not really into my PE like some others so odds are if I was 5 1/16 after one week of PE, I would’ve just thought I was holding the ruler different and not really gained. But after waiting 3 months and checking, its hard to explain away 1 and 1/8 inch. So maybe you should stop checking so often and check maybe monthly.

Cut/uncut? Being uncut I found it difficult to keep the sock attached to the glans! Has anyone experienced the same problem?


Originally Posted by julz
Cut/uncut? Being uncut I found it difficult to keep the sock attached to the glans! Has anyone experienced the same problem?

If you value your dick you shouldn’t be using a sock for hanging. Take a look at this thread Homemade Hanger Models and Instructions. I’m uncut and use a hanger similar to the AFB hanger.

Dang! I must read really slow!

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