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The AFB Hanger

The AFB Hanger

AFB universal penis weight hanger

The AFB hanger is designed by Tom Hubbard and the instructions for his original version can be found at his - bad link Penis Workshop.

The main features of the AFB hanger are that only lateral pressure is used and because of it’s simplistic design very easy to make yourself at home. The alternative design presented here uses screws for tightening which allows it to be used for safe heavy weight hanging.


Supplies needed:

5.5cm 5mm Threaded rod
9cm 5mm Threaded rod
24cm Nylon cord
10x3cm Wood/metal/plastic
4 5mm Wingnuts


The material used for the sides should not easily bend and not brake under pressure. Use something strong! The thickness of the material should be at least 5mm (0.2”). If your erect girth is more than 15cm (6”) you will need longer sides. If there’s a choice for the material of the threaded rod use stainless steel, alternatively you can saw off the heads of screws.

Building instructions:


Cut the sides to the required size.


Round off the corners of the sides.


File the edges of the sides smooth.


Drill out 2 holes as shown with a diameter of 6.5mm (2.5”). This size allows the bottom screw to work as pivotpoint like a hinge and makes it easier to use the quickrelease. Allow for enough distance between the holes and the edges. I used 4mm (0.15”) in the example but it depends on the strength of the material used what is enough to prevent it from breaking.


Add a quickrelease in one side by cutting open the front hole.


Tie a loop in both ends of the cord. Put everything together as shown.

Hanging instructions:

Before you start hanging with an AFB Hanger read the following instructions from start to end.


The removable weights of a dumbbellset are ideal for hanging. You will know exactly how much you hang and you can increase the weight in small increments. You can use a weightholder or just tie the weights together with a cord. If you don’t have dumbbell weights look for some other heavy stuff which you can tie together for example a bag of screws or a bottle of water.

Warming up

Before you start hanging it is recommended that you do a warmup for just a couple minutes. This makes the tunica and ligaments of your penis more elastic and easier to stretch, it also reduces the chances of injury. There are multiple ways of doing a warming up for your penis like a hot wet wrap, microwave heated rice sock, an infrared light or a heatpillow.


Before you attach the hanger you should apply a wrap. The wrap will be used to hold the skin in place and will prevent pinching. For wrapping material you can use a bicycle innertire, theraband, the HTW (Hair Tie Wrap) or clothing material. The wrapped area of your shaft should be about 5.6 cm (2.2”) long.

Leave about 1.3 cm (0.5”) between your glans and the front of the wrap at first. If the area of wrapping proofs to be too sensitive lower the wrap to a more comfortable position, especially the foreskin of an uncut penis can be very sensitive. Also wrapping over certain veins can proof to be uncomfortable at first. Over the course of several hanging sessions your skin and veins will become more conditioned to hanging and it will be much easier to find a comfortable place to wrap for hanging.


The first time attaching the hanger set the bottom screw in such a way that the sides are about 1.5 cm (0.6”) apart and start with tightening the top screw. During tightening the top screw and hanging you will need to tweak the bottom screw to get the right setting for optimal grip. After your hanging session you can detach the hanger using the quickrelease. You won’t have to adjust the bottom screw for the next hanging session.

First make sure to be flaccid and put on your wrap. If you get erect after putting on your wrap wait till your erection subsides. Hold the hanger with one hand with the front side facing up. Take your flaccid penis and place the middle of the wrapped area in the centre of the hanger. Put the front screw in place. If your glans is no longer parallel with the sides, release the front screw, adjust your penis and try again. Once you get it right you can start tightening your hanger. Having the sides almost parallel works best for grip and comfort. During hanging your tissues will stretch which requires you to occasionally tighten the hanger a bit more.

Tightening the hanger may cause your shaft and glans to twist a little, up till about 30 degrees is still ok. If it twists more there could be pressure ontop of your shaft where the nerves are so it’s best to start over again. If this happens a lot you can try tightening the bottom screws some more so you can lock your penis in the hanger. You can also stretch your penis a little while putting on the hanger or hold your penis when you put the front screw in place.

In order for the hanger to get a good grip on the end of the tunica from which you want to hang you will need to tighten the hanger a lot. After tightening the end of the tunica, located within the glans, will form a plug and stay in front of the hanger. With the hanger tight enough there will be no tension on your glans. If you don’t tighten enough the hanger will slide forward and tension on your shaft will be shared by your skin and your glans, which can cause temporary discoloration in both. If you’re (tightly) cut you can’t avoid stretching your skin somewhat but you can avoid tension on your glans.


Hang the first time only for about 5-10mins with low weight e.g. 2kg (4lbs) to test if everything works as it should. When you are convinced everything is alright you can gradually increase hanging time to 20mins. Add weight only when you feel you need more to get a good workout, try not to add more than 1lbs (0.5 kg) a week.

Warning signs

Understand that hanging is potentially dangerous when you’re not hanging correctly or when your penis is weaker than usual. A weak penis is gainwise a good thing because weaker tissues stretch easier but you have to be more careful when hanging. This translates into shorter hanging sessions with less weight than normal. Even with a perfectly normal penis and following the instructions to the letter you may not get it right the first time, it’s a matter of trial and error.

Stop your hanging session immediately when:

your penis hurts while hanging
your penis starts tingling
your penis gets numb
your glans gets too cold
your glans gets hard
your penis is getting erect
your penis has twisted too much


For optimal result it’s best to consistently follow a routine for your hanging sessions. A hanging routine can be 3-6 sessions of 15-20mins a day 5-7 days a week. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to reserve some time for jelqing for overall penis health.

There are several positions and angles you can use for hanging. The basic positions are standing while hanging straight down (SD) and sitting on the edge of a chair while hanging SD. Both of these positions target the tunica of the visible part of your penis (outerpenis) and the ligaments which connect your penis to the pubic bone. Leaning all the way back in a chair with your penis hanging down is called between the cheeks (BTC), this also targets the outerpenis and the ligaments.

When you attach a hook or pulley to your desk and run the cord of the weight over it you can hang sitting using higher angles between straight out (SO) and straight up (SU). Alternatively you can hang standing with the weight hanging over the shoulder (OTS). SO and higher angles target the tunica of the entire penis including the part inside your body (innerpenis).


You can gain from both lengthening the ligaments and the tunica. There’s no accurate information on how much you can gain from hanging and how long it will take. If enough effort is put into it a 2.5 cm (1”) gain should be possible within 6-12 months, but it doesn’t have to stop there. There have been gains reported of 5.1-7.6 cm (2-3”) although most not just from hanging alone.

Happy hanging!


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In the previous “Piet’s hanger” you used green garden hose screwed to the inside of the hanger - not anymore? Just thinking that it might help keeping the glans from “twisting too much”

regards, mgus

Taped onto the dashboard of a car at a junkyard, I once found the following: "Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement." The car was crashed.

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This is not my hanger, but Hubbard’s AFB hanger version with screws. He has shown it in older sites and shot 3 videos with it. I wanted to reintroduce this version because it’s simple and works great. I no longer use the hanger I showed last time. What I’m using now is more like this hanger shown here with some extra features.

The garden hose didn’t help with twisting. I hardly have any twisting problems currently but I thought it would be wise to add it anyway so if it happens people know what to do :)

Great job Piet. It’s easy to understand and looks professional.

Very nice work I can’t say what I’m impressed with more your presentation or the hanger

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

I totally agree with Dino. This is an excellent double work: contents and the 3D illustrations that you made.

Congratulations. Thanks, Piet.


Very pro looking and I can say from experience that the AFB is a good cheap method to hang weights on the penis.

Piet’s the man! He introduced the broader pieces for the sides that really make this hanger functional.

Better than a solid thread with two wing nuts, in my opinion, are long bolts with wingnuts - two less pieces to fuss with. I have made several like that. I think the last design I show was the result of trying for a design that would go through an airport metal detector, and not require a trip to the hardware store.

I’ve never entirely figured out the twisting, which happens with every hanger I’ve used (including two Bibs). I think it’s got to do with how accurately it’s positioned - in other words, not slightly oriented to one side or the other - and once your dick’s all wrapped up it can be tricky to get it exactly right.

Thanks for the comments and welcome back Tom :)

Long bolts with wingnuts work too but you have to add something to prevent the head of the bolt from spinning. Before I used nuts to keep them in place but I had to keep a wrench nearby because once every 1-2 weeks I had to retighten the nuts.

I’m currently using a broader version, 4cm wide which allows for a 3 hole setup, 2 at the bottom and 1 ontop. More meat to tighten but a bit more control. I could add that one too.

Built a hanger as described for about $2 worth of parts at the local hardware. Works better than anything yet tried. Not to diminish the original design at all, but hit upon a couple of things to share: First, I used garden hose washers between the press boards. The washers are on the screws/wingnuts and the string for the weight hangs form the washers. This seems to center the weight load and seems to prevent twisting. The weight can be hung from another rubber washer secured in the center of the string. The metal screws can easily be removed from the device for trips through airport security-another reason rubber washers work well. Second, instead of wrapping the penis, consider placing a thin pad of foam on the insides of the press boards and securing it with duct tape. This is a lot easier. A little baby powder on the penis prior to clamping will reduce any sticking to the skin when removing. Overall, good idea and easy to build.

Joey996, feel free to post a picture of your hanger.

Does it work as good at a BIB ?

I would like to try building one!

Start: 6.3 BPEL x 4.5 MSEG & 4.5 BSEG

Now: 7.7 x 4.7 x 5.5 BSEG

Goal: 8 x 6

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