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PE and mental health


Originally Posted by kooljake57
There’s so much truth in this statement. For guys that have to deal with the woman who takes pride in destroying his ego ( trust me I know. I dealt with it for 10 years) my advice is to just get rid of her. A woman who will treat you as “inadequate” will treat so in every walk of your life. Whether it be your dick size, your job, your friends, what you do as you pass times. If she will beat you down about your dick size, she will beat you down for everything else in your life. And that’s no joke. And the thing is if that’s the way she is, she will probably beat you down about your dick size even if your pushing a 9 ×7. And if your pushing average, when you’re gone and she’s with the next guy, you will be the one with the huge cock she beats him down about. That’s just the way some women are.

That’s how I got here.

Not only did she ruin my sexual confidence, but my business and my parenting.

Quite the piece of work.

10 years later I’m still picking up the pieces.

Some women can’t bear to see a guy succeed.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

Originally Posted by James N
A very good read!

But I have a question on why I should even care what the statistics say? Shouldn’t I go into this not worrying about it?

Before starting PE, I had no idea what the average penis length or girth was. I came here for something entirely different. I had an EQ problem I was facing and thought having a bigger dick wouldn’t hurt either. I was perfectly content with my size, it served me well for many years. In fact, I never even measured it before starting here. This was all for my own personal satisfaction. I came here expecting nothing and figured if nothing comes of it, so what. I gave it a shot.

The only thing is, is that I have been noticing progress and that’s what keeps me going. I’m proud of what I’ve been able to do. Though I haven’t measured, I know all my time spent stretching and jelqing is paying off. But if I pay attention to the numbers, I could be very disappointed on those first measurements since starting. Shouldn’t I not worry about what the average gains are or what average penis length or girth is and just be happy I’m accomplishing something? Don’t you think knowing the numbers could be more cause for stress, disappointment, and guys feeling as though they are a failure?

I guess I’m just the type of guy whose going to do my routine, take my measurements, log my progress, and not worry if I’m in any statistical bracket as long as I’m making personal progress. All that matters to me and should matter to any of us is our own happiness with ourselves. When we’re able to just look at our penis one day and say, “Now, that’s a nice cock”, we should be fulfilled. No number needed.

James I came here like you to improve my EQ. I was 57 when I started PE, in a new relationship with a terrific gal, and my EQ just wasn’t what it used to be. I didn’t want to have to take meds, did some research, and came here.

I’ve been with about 30 women in my lifetime, wives, girlfriends, one night stands, and not one of them ever complained or made a negative comment about my size which I estimate to have been 6” NBP and a tad over 5” mid shaft girth. I say that was an estimate because, like you, I never actually measured my unit before PE.

There were some women who complimented me on my dick saying it was nice, or pretty. A few even called it big. Most never said anything about my size but would say they enjoyed the sex or the lovemaking. That was good enough for me. And I NEVER ever asked about the size of previous partners because I knew that most of them had probably been with someone bigger and I felt honestly that nothing good could come out of a conversation like that.

After being here for two years I realize how truly lucky I’ve been not too have been cock shamed or ridiculed by any past partners. And this is coming from a guy who was maybe a bit above average most of his life. It’s amazing to hear stories of guys who are 7.5x 5.5, and even bigger, being told they are not big enough and being mentally compromised in the process.

So I started PE for my EQ and after doing the Newbie Routine for a few weeks, I noticed my EQ started to improve. Frankly, I was pretty surprised. Then I noticed my unit both looked and felt like it was getting bigger and I took my first measurement and that’s been my baseline.

I’ve continued to periodically measure and I’m continuing to grow. And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy my bigger size, because I do. But I’m also convinced that my girlfriend would still love me if I never grew at all. And that’s what’s really important.

So James if EQ is your primary goal, measurements really become secondary. Monitor your PI’s and how they affect your EQ. That should be your primary concern.

But if your like me and, along with better EQ, you enjoy your increased size, you can go for growth as well. Then you may want to measure more frequently to see if your routine is working.

I’ll continue to PE for my EQ for the rest of my life. If I continue to grow, I’ll watch for signs from my girlfriend that my size is becoming troublesome and then back off. PE just for maintenance.

And to the OP, you make some great points about penis size and averages. I’m convinced that most women would be happy with a guy who’s average in size as long as he has all of the other qualities she wants. But there are size queens out there for sure and also women who are just mean spirited and nasty.

I’ve had failed relationships obviously but none where my size or sexual issues were to blame.

I guess I’ve been pretty lucky.

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