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PE as a Way of Life.


PE as a Way of Life.

There have been several threads lately on the subject of PE being boring and how to occupy ones self while working out.

PE doesn’t have to be boring, and for it to really pay off you almost have to make it fun or pleasurable. The easier PE is and the more pleasurable it is, the more you will do it. I know that there are those lucky easy gainers who come through this forum from time to time and gain quickly, but for most of us it is work. Quite honestly, I think in order to really see any significant gains you need to be almost obsessed with PE, and to do this you have mold your life around it both socially and at work as much as possible. Of course, I know not everyone has the luxury of working at home, or the privacy at home or at work for the kind of obsession that I have for The Craft, but you would be surprised how easily you can fit PE into your life to maximize your routine time and efforts. This is how I do it.

I live in a pretty large two bedroom apartment and I’ve converted one of the bedrooms to a kind of (Home Office Entertainment Center PE Dungeon) room. The office has two doors that can be locked on each side of the room. I have this room set up specifically for PE and for my job. I have two huge corner console desks set up end to end so they take up half of the room in a U shape. In the center of one wall there are three 27” TV’s with build in VCRs and to either side I have Monitors, five in all with five computers under the desks. I have Eye-bolts bolted through the desk by each keyboard so I can fulcrum hang at any work station with a pulley, and by rolling my chair around while hanging I can work all the angles. There is also a hook in the ceiling for hanging OTS. On the free wall is a futon and a bookcase with my library of porn. (VCRs close to 2,000 tapes.)

Mrz. G’s computer is set up in the dinning room and also she has one in our bedroom. All the computers in the house are networked together with a wireless router to a single broadband account. She also has an AOL account, so there are always one or more computers logged onto T’s place, and sometimes all of them. I like to be able to see what’s going on at T’s place from any room at any time at a glance. I’m also usually logged on at Doc’s townhouse and/or at my agent’s office (also a woman). I’ve been accused by the women in my life of being a little addicted to this site, but I can’t imagine why they say this;)

HANGING and Length-work Days:
When I hang: both hands are free, and dry (no lube) this is when I get most of my work done. I write and browse the forum when I’m blocked. I also browse while manual stretching and dry jelqing. After hang sessions I wear the AutoExtender for an ADS while I’m sitting which is also hands free so I can work or browse the forum. If I have to get up I slip on pe weights.


On Girth days I don’t get much work done. When I clamp: I put porno on the three TVs and have it flipping in a slide-show on all the computers except the one that is on T’s Place. If I am alone in the apartment I will have porn on every computer and or TV in the house, so I can stay stimulated as I move about the house multi-tasking. This panoramic cornucopia of porn helps me stay hard in the clamp, and/or the tube. Of course if others are in the house, I just lock myself in my PE Dungeon. But usually I have the house to myself, at least during the day.
I dry jelq and work dry with the canning tongs between clamping sets, always dry, without lube.

The only time I do wet work is when I pump and this is the only time my hands are not free for other things. Pumping takes full concentration, with a heating pad wrapped around the tube, using a vibrator and the panoramic porn to stay hard in the tube.

Every morning after all PE sessions I end up jelqing and stretching in the hot tub right outside my apartment by the pool. After the final stretching and wet qelqing in the 104 degree water I slip on 2 pounds of lead pe weights and swim laps cooling the ligs while they are still held extended in the chilled 50 degree water. (Wintertime in Texas)

This is my morning routine. In the evenings I do the same only I usually exchange the swim with an hour on the treadmill or track while wearing the lead weights. I still do the hot tub and pool heat and chill in the lead weights, I just don’t stay in the cold water as long in the evenings. (Except in the summertime.)

I usually end my evening sessions with sex, edging inside Mrz G dogie style with my post pumped faux 7” girth which is very pleasurable for us both. It massages away my fluid build up and gives her a great girthy fuck. For me this is a continuation of my cardio workout, because my am is to pleasure her more than myself. I do not come during girth days. Then after a hot shower and dinner I wind down the night by wearing the AutoExtender while sitting on the sofa by the fireplace drinking wine and watching movies with the Mrz. Between extender sets she manually jelqs and massages me and then tucks me into a sofa-fowfer or I’ll put the extender back on once the erections subsides. We coordinate this with commercials, but I have to admit this sometimes turns into sex violent on the sofa and I slip over the edge with an orgasm, but I can usually hold back. This is one of the reasons I always promote PE Pals, or PE Savvy wives and S/Os. It really helps to keep The Craft fun and productive. Stealth PE really slows you down and makes your sessions boring and a chore. I understand some guys have no choice but to keep PE in the closet. But if you really want to have productive sessions, I highly suggest you involve your spouse.

I do all this pretty much 7 days a week in the winter, and PE is never boring for us, especially the post faux girth edging, she loves this, and so do I. I only come on length workout days but SHE comes every day. In the summer we go to nudist camps and she shows me off, but that’s a story for another thread.

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Wow, you sound like a real dungeon master. I mostly use the shower for my conveniance, I put the scales behind the door so if someone tries to get it they can’t.

"One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star." Friedrich Nietzsche My Journey Start(march 24th 2005): 6.5"BPEL-5.0"EG. Now(Feb 1st 2006):7.5"BPEL-5.375"EG

I hate to say this BG, but I think you are a PEaholic. :)

For me PE is my life— I’ve arranged my whole life around it. Apart from the gym it’s the only pastime I have and the only one that keeps me positive (I was thinking today about how weird it’ll be when I reach my goals and don’t have to do it any more— I think I’ll be a little lost)

If I got a thrombosed vein I don’t know what I’d do— having to take a six month break from PE would be a disaster (there’s a thread in the injuries forum about clamping that’s an absolute horror story. If that happened to me I’d be devastated)

Hi my name is Big Girtha and I’m a PEaholic

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

BG..2000 porn tapes 7:^)

When can I come over.

Dude. You are like a PE Jedi. Didn’t Kennedy watch three TVs at the same time?

BG - that is a very impressive routine. No wonder you have gained 2” in girth. Great job!

There is no way I’m wasting more time on this than I have to. As soon as I hit 8x6 I’m finished. I’m actually pissed at how much time it’s taking. Life is for far more important things than pulling on my cock. A 5 minute a day upkeep plan I can handle, but this hours a day hanging is bullshit. I’m watching my life pass before my eyes hoping to have a bigger dick. I don’t think I’ll be lying on my deathbed thinking, “If only I would have spent more time pulling on my cock.”

PE is a pretty crappy lifestyle.

Like BG, I used to be obsessed with PE. Unfortunately I became over zealous and got injured.

Now I spend most of my free time making money and investing. The only thing that money won’t buy is a bigger cock. Contrary to what we are told, money will buy everything else.


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

I’ve spent a lot of time here and also actually PEing. PE doesn’t have to be a way of life to make decent progress.

Most will get something out of a short, simple, basic routine. After any newbie gains have ended a guy needs to decide if putting in more time and effort is worth the return. For many I suspect not. Is another 1/16” worth 100 hours of hang time?

What I’m saying is that many can benefit from PE and reap the majority of its benefits without being obsessed.

I think you have to find a balance. Having a big cock is one thing but missing out on life is another.

When PE starts to take over and you work everything else around PE is when your getting out of balance.
I know because when I first started PE I did the samething. After a year of everything working around PE was when I began to find a balance.

Btw, very well put Hobby!

Originally Posted by wintermute94121
Dude. You are like a PE Jedi.



PE is a great thing, I won’t argue that one, but completely turning that into your lifestyle is a little too much, don’t you think?There are so many great things to do and so many wonderful places to visit… well, all I want to say is life should be well-balanced and not just spent pulling on your cock…And finally - what is the point of a big cock and a crazy PE schedule if it is going to affect sex and how you come.After all isn’t that why we need that thing between our legs?I would rather have it an inch smaller but enjoy my life(and the sexual part of it, too) to the fullest.

I am not judging anybody who is devoted to PE that much, I respect that, but I would never revolve my life around it.

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