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Penis is shorter when pointing straight up. Why?


Penis is shorter when pointing straight up. Why?

I’ve noticed that when I go to measure, if I am at full erection and my penis is straight up, I seem to be shorter than if I’m at slightly less than full erection and bending it down parallel to the ground. Anyone else experienced this? Anyone know what I’m talking about?

I know what you mean, though I don’t know the reason behind it

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I know exactly what your talking about because it happens to me. It makes getting a max measurement very hard because you have to find the point where your EQ is so good the it gives you max size but not so good that you can’t bend it down to parallel at all, which is the case with me.

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Brother I know Exactly what you mean. The higher you pull your penis up the shorter it is. I found at semi erection I’m actually longer than full erection. I think the lower your penis is the more out of your body it is. The higher the more it retracts inside. It’s like pulling your flaccid above your navel.

:Cool:_ the older you get, the less upward angle your erection gets. Just a note: a higher up angle you have will give a girl a better orgisim because you put more pressure on her G-spot (which is on the top side about 2-3 inches inside)

I also noticed, but I have no explanation.

I think that if you have a high exit point and if you’re are at full erection, the BC contracts and pulls your penis towards your body.

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I think it is related to how seated measurements tend to be longer than standing.

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It has to do with your ligs, skin and fat pad, the more you stretch your ligs (downwards), the more visible penis you see. That’s why stretching the ligs does not give you more penis but exposes more of it by lowering the exit point.

Since hanging BTC for a while I’m able to pull my erection angle straight out horizontal more and it gives a higher measurement than my normal erection angle which points higher up.

I think Pillars has it right. I have a high exit-point (with a LOT of 9:00) and ‘lose’ about a 1/4” when fully erect vs about 80”. For the last 2 weeks I’ve changed my manual stretching routine to emphasize SD motions in the hope that my exit point will also move down. Will be measuring again in about 2 weeks to see if this works.

Originally Posted by Krod
…It makes getting a max measurement very hard because you have to find the point where your EQ is so good the it gives you max size but not so good that you can’t bend it down to parallel at all, which is the case with me.

I have to say that I personally cannot understand that problem. My EQ isn’t usually all that great it seems (usually like an 8 unless I’m really turned on) but even when my EQ is way up I am still able to bend my penis from the base angle. The shaft doesn’t bend at all, but the base will allow me to change the angle of my penis fairly easily. Although, my erection angle is actually slightly below straight out. I have a slight downward bend at the base and that seems to have caused it to never go above straight out on its own. However, it does have the benefit of looking longer.

Either way, I still cannot personally understand not being able to straighten it out. But that’s good your EQ is so high!

Hope its not an issue reviving this. I actually just google the topic and the first hit was thunders :) .

I have a huge discrepancy when measuring with my penis perpendicular to my body (pointing out) and parallel to my body (pointing up at my face). I find it interesting the the initial thought (per Pillars comment) is that its the ligs. When the penis is parallel to the body, the ligs have no tension and therefore can’t be the limiting factor. As the penis angle moves to parallel, the structures being stretched are the structures underneath the penis and balls.. The “taint” if you will (id need to pull up an anatomy picture to get the names).
Is there any discussion on this as it relates possibly to LOT? I’m currently on a hanging break, but spent the last 18 months focusing on BTC and SD. I wonder if I should come back and hit OTS and SU. If I do, what are you trying to stretch? The BC muscle?

I find there is about 1/8” difference, not much more.

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If I take a soft tape measure and take a seated, base to tip erect measurement (so my penis straight out parallel to both my thighs), I measure between 7 and 7.25. If I hold the base of the tape in the same spot and pull my penis up to my stomach, I’m like 6.5.way more then 1/8 diff.

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