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Pinch Jelqs

Pinch Jelqs

ok, i know… over the past couple of months there has been an influx of “new” excercizes and many of them have been absolute clones of previously discussed excercises, but bear with me on this one if you will.

since i first discovered pe some two years ago, one obstacle that has hindered me all along the way has been the inability to isolate the corpus cavernosum to any appreciable extent. it has seemed that in order for any manual excercise i’ve done to be effective at all, i’ve had to focus entirely on isolating the corpus spongiosum. whether it be dry jelquing, wet jelquing, jelquing with or without a base hand tournicut, palms up, palms down, squeezes, squeeze jelqs, ulis, or what have you, i’ve never been able to affect anything but my veins and my c.s. . well, the following is something i’ve never heard discussed in all my days of researching, lurking, and posting, and it is the first technique that i’ve ever been able to utilize in a manner that produces results in my corpus cavernosum. if you happen to have been aware of this jelqing variation prior to this post, i apologize for wasting your time.

The Pinch Jelq :

1) grasp the head of the penis with one hand and stretch out from the body until taught. the strength of the stretch is up to you and your experimentation. the grip i use is such that the heel of my hand is against the topside of the head of my penis and my first two fingers curl around the top of the head such that the tips of my fingers meet the tips of my c.c. .

2) with the opposite hand the jelquing motion will be performed, but not with an ok grip. if you are using your right hand, than your palm should be facing down, and your thumb should be pointing straight at the ground and against the right side of your outstreched penis while your index finger is pointing straight down with its pad against the left side of your penis. with thumb and finger parallel (think vertical drumsticks), apply pressure evenly along the sides of the cavernosa and jelq forward.

general pointers:

i perform this without lube. the way i do it, i cannot jelq all the way from the base to the coroneal ridge in one stroke. i start towards the base and jelq maybe halfway up my shaft before my skin reaches its limit for stretching. then, after i’ve worked that portion sufficiently, i reset my pinch grip about a third of the way up the shaft and work that area. yes, this excercise can be tedious as hell, but believe me, when you’ve been doing manual excercises with no appreciable girth gains for nearly two years, tedious yet with results becomes an extremely enticing option.
if you do these dry, you may want to initially place your grip an inch or so more towards the head than where you intend to begin the stroke, grip only hard enough to hold the skin, pull the skin back towards the base, and then apply pressure and begin stroking. if that explanation makes sense, it’ll allow a larger range of motion by limiting the area over which skin stretch takes place.

as with all manual excercises, level of engorgement is a large factor that requires experimentation and mastery. if i had to venture a guess, i’d say that this technique is most effective for me at about an 80% erection - to me this is the point at which my penis is nearing full erect size, but is not yet getting rigid.

when i perform this excercise, i can feel a great deal of pressure build-up within my cavernosa with my pinching hand as well as with my streching hand’s first two fingertips, yet at no point does my head expand at all.

before i began this excercise, there had been an area on one side of my shaft that was somewhat indented - the outside of my right cavernosum. after a few weeks with this technique, it is gradually disappearing. i can isolate the area that this method works by using both my first and second fingers of my jelqing hand pinching against my thumb, and then somewhat rolling my thumb and concentrating the workout to expand the indented are on the thumb side.

for me, i have a better success rate in terms of generating good pressure if i am standing with my legs together. this is not to say that i don’t find it effective when sitting with my legs apart, but rather that it is easier to find the right level of engorgement when standing. also, rather than pulling directly forward with the stretching hand, it may benefit you to be pulling slightly up or down or slightly to the side depending on any number of variables in your penis pr pre-existing conditions.

safety considerations:

although i don’t always use them myself, hot wraps are a good idea in general. i’ve found that particularly with this excercise, it becomes a whole different workout. in any case, whether it be warming up in the shower or whatever, it’s a good thing not to be cold.

as i mentioned, i can really isolate the cavernosa with this, and i can avoid other structures of the penis such as nerves and ligaments. as have all other excercises, this one has given me some new and unique awarenesses of the anatomy of my junk. take the time to know what you’re working with before going all out with this one. if done incorrectly, there is no doubt that this time of grip and stretch can pointedly irritate nerve and vascular tissue.

i hope someone finds this as useful and promising as i do.

thanks to all along the way,

Great exercise, BeBop. Thanks for sharing.

I’m playing around with that technique for quite some time myself but have not yet done a complete workout. I thought of it while being in the shower, stretching under hot water. I’ll give it shot.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Dear BeBop !

Thanks a lot for your tip !

I am part of the running experiment and will stick to my routine for the next months , but perhaps I´ll give it a chance , if my workout doesn´t help !

I have jus tone question : is your penis pulled forward the whole time while you jelq ?

Thanks a lot and all the best wantmore


cool. let me know what you think.


yes, the whole time. the reason being that if you’re doing these right, the building pressure will cause the shaft to twist or pop out of your pinch grip. think in terms of a bit of a stretch and a whole lot of stabilization.

how’s the experiment going? somehow this whole experimentation thing has escaped me. i don’t know what the deal is in this one or how the last one went for that matter.


Dear BeBop !

Thanks a lot !

The experiment is quite well ! It has a good side effect for me : I am forced to do my exercises reguarly , much more than if I do them for my own !

All the best wantmore


wantmore had asked if the stretch is maintained the whole time, and it occurs to me now that no, the stretch is not maintained between strokes. when i do this excercise, between strokes i don’t let go with the stretching hand, but i do bring it and my penis back towards my body in order to reset my pinch jelq grip in an optimum position.

hope that makes sense,

Hi BePop !

Thanks a lot , now it´s clear !


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