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Post decon routine. What do you folks think?

Post decon routine. What do you folks think?

After about 30 days of decon, I decided to return to PE. Rather than going back to the extender just yet, I decided to go with some manual PE. Only a few things had definitely worked for me in the past. One of those was dry high erection level jelqs (HELJ). These, of course, are jelqs that are performed at an erection level ranging from 90 - 100%. This was actually the only exercise to ever give me any girth and that includes clamping. So, I started off by doing 50 dry HELJs every day. But today (approx. one week later), I and my dick felt up to it (no pun intended), so I went with 100. Would you guys consider these jelqs to be a high intensity exercise? If so, should they be done every day? Every other day? Three times per week? I look forward to responses.

I dunno, I think decon, aka time off, should be exactly that - no PE.

What you’re talking about is really dropping exercise amount & possibly intensity, but not time off.

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I think you missed the point of my post. I took 30 days for decon and now decon time is over. I’m looking for thoughts on how often per week to do high intensity PE routines. It’s like clamping. A lot of guys here don’t think clamping should be done every day due to the intensity. Make sense?

I too am dong high erection (at least %80 to %90 erection) jelqing with erect clamping. I think if you get more erect, it’s ok to jelq, but just be careful to not grip too hard. I would do something like 5 to 7 days of jelqing while 3 to 4 days of clamping in between those jelqing days then a day off or two. I start off wet and let the lube dry up until I complete 50 or 100 reps/strokes.

What kind of results have you seen with this routine?

In general, going high and dry is a very bad thing. But the bottom line in PE is finding what works for you. Do be careful.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I do wet jelqs at about 90% erection for 10 minutes on my workout days. I feel more of an expansion then when I jelq at lower erection levels.

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Advanced search function, then type in the name in the user name box and select find threads started by user. If you searched me, you will find two threads that may answer any questions about my PE.

I agree with what iamaru has said, you got to find what works for you and be careful.

I agree with what CodyK2 has said, at a higher erection level, you can see your penis getting bigger and harder due to more blood being push through the penis. The biggest positive indicator is that you get a fat flaccid after your jelqing workouts. As erection quality improves, your size gets bigger.

Now jelqing to me is for better erection quality which also comes with a bigger penis by making the corpus cavernosum chambers bigger. I do clamping because I get to watch porn while doing it, but it’s purpose is to stretch out the tunica albuginea. A clamping only routine has only given me no gains and worse erection quality.

Right now, I am against ejaculation because it can shrink your penis when the penis is healing which is probably not good for gains. I think masturbation, but no ejaculation after a workout can be helpful.

Warming up before a PE workout is good to prevent injury and warming up again after a PE workout is good for speeding up the healing process.

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