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Progress Even When Gaining?

Progress Even When Gaining?

I have searched around and I have not found a clear cut answer yet. If we are gaining from our PE routine, should we continue progressive overload via volume and/or intensity of our workouts? So far I am pumping for 20 minute sets and I have built up to four sets. I plan on adding another 20 minute set next week because my PI’s are great.

When i did 3x20min i had gained 1/16” in length. I increased regardless of gaining. After doing 4x20min for two weeks I have gained ~1/16”-1/8” in girth and length. I still gain despite adding more, but I have also heard of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Does it matter if we continue with progression of our routines if PI’s allow us to even if we are gaining at our current status?

I’d suggest that if what you’re doing is working, keep doing it until the gains stop or your PIs indicate a change is needed. If you’re monitoring your PIs and making progress keep it up! Remember that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to PE. It sounds as though you may have found your sweet spot. (when I was pumping, that routine would have killed my PIs, so I’m glad it’s working for you!) Keep monitoring and be ready to change it up if necessary. Good luck.

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Stay in the sweet spot like previously mentioned. There’s no need to increase the intensity or time of what you’re doing is working.

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How many days or weeks should we wait to see if gains stop? Sometimes I fluctuate and it looks like a gain, but it will be gone the next day. Then it comes back next week and eventually stays.

Bringing back up this topic because it’s still in question for me. My gains have tapered off after pumping for one hour. I planned to increase by 20 minutes every month but I realized a month was not enough to adapt to the added volume. So I switched to every two months. Today was the day I am supposed to increase in intensity.

Since the last month that I was originally supposed to increase I have gained 1/16” in length and girth and it has tapered off from the 1/8” that I have gained in the first month. I thought about going every three months, but judging by my statistics, I will not gain anything during the third month.

When gains taper off, is that a tell tale sign to progress in your workouts?

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