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Question for clampers

Question for clampers

First of all how is your routine 5 days on 2 off? Etc.. And is it counter productive to do length exercises while going for girth also? I’m almost 7 1/2 in length and I’m a tad over 5.5 in girth and I want to get to 6.5 or 7 inch’s in girth. I don’t really care about length that much but lets say I clamped for a year got my girth then started doing things like hanging would I lose my girth? And if you someone really cares about girth is it smarter to stick with girth stuff first then move on to length if so desires.

The general consensus is that you should work on length before girth.
Simply using the logic that it is harder, and requires more effort to stretch something thicker than something thinner.

My routine when I used to clamp was 2 on 1 off.

Hanging won’t make you lose girth, but as mentioned above it may be harder to achieve hanging gains with a thicker penis.

If you don’t care about length then move onto girth based exercises. As long as your penis is conditioned enough then clamping shouldn’t be a problem.

It isn’t counter productive to do length exercises while working on girth but if girth is all you want then obviously length exercises aren’t as necessary (although ALWAYS stretch before a workout, to loosen the penis up).

Are you sure you have a clear goal? Sometimes this can be the thing that makes us falter. Because you will forever be battling between working the two dimensions.

I’ve been doing 20 min sessions for 3 weeks now, how long should I wait till I move up to two 20 min sessions. And how long should I wait till I move to 3 sessions. I’m not in a hurry to move up or anything, my penis is used to clamping for sure. Just want to know when I can continue to move up.

6.5 to 7” girth probably means saying goodbye to oral sex. Are you sure you want the girth that much?

Oral sex is still possible with 6.5” wit most women from my experience. Albeit slightly “less fluid” oral sex.

I could care less about oral sex. I’m married anyways..

Could someone give me info on the sessions etc.

If you’re new to clamping then I suggest Remek’s thread for info and sample routines -

Clamping 101 - The clamping guide

There are more intense clamping routines out there including my own. But make sure your penis is ready for these before moving on.

K thx.

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