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Replacement strap for Malecore stretcher

Replacement strap for Malecore stretcher

I have a malecore type stretcher, and both the straps that came with it broke in about a week..

The postage alone is $50USD to get some more, so I was wondering if anyone has made their own, or found any cheaper alternatives.

Cheers, Sixinchman looks to be a PeniMaster knockoff— search Penimaster on eBay— I got a conversion head for my AndroPenis on the cheap there.

I searched for andropenis, penimaster etc.. Can’t find anything but the whole package for $200+

Any other ideas?

$200— really? Less than two minutes and I’ve found whole kits for less than that— I’ve linked to the sellers as the listing may closeout before you read this.

I’d found a PM knockoff a while back for under $100- I can’t recall- search Penimaster & knockoff — or some variant here at Thunders’ and you should find it.

Who said PE was easy.

Sorry should have made my self more clear.. I OWN one already, I don’t want to buy another one, I just need the rubber strap.

And like I asked before, Has anyone MADE their own, or found something cheaper then paying $50 postage.. Plus about $20 for the straps?

I got that you already OWN one- folks that sell the complete unit usually sell spare parts- and if they are charging 60% less than the name brand, maybe they sell parts at a similar discount.

That’s how I found my replacement straps.

Since I can’t remember where I got them, I’m trying to lead you down the path best I can recall.

You’re welcome.

Just sayin’

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