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Should We Kegel Until Failure?


Originally Posted by damianromante
Cool.. If done right be careful. Your ejaculation can become dangerously powerful. Haha.

Well I don’t know. I’m older so mine was improved. If you’re younger you’re probably already shooting across the room. Haha. My lady choked the first time the stream caught both of us off guard.

Oh damn. Seems like a must to get skill. Haha. Question, do you kegel it when you’re feeling you’re about to blow? I assume you do.

And yeah mine flies across everywhere. Haha.

I don’t at all during sex. Only during my routine while pumping or if I think about it at some random time sitting at the desk.

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Ahhh. So, we can conclude that it is the development of the muscles not the contraction itself. Ill put it on my list.


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