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Smaller flacid bigger erect

Smaller flacid bigger erect

I recently took my first measurements in several months. I have had tremendous gains in both length and girth, but I am actually hanging smaller when flacid. Is this normal? I will say I know there will be differences due to temp ect, but the numbers I have posted are averages taken over 5 measurements. I have not gained weight or anything like that. Has anyone else experienced this?

I am new to PE. But I have noticed smaller flaccid lengths as well. Especially 10-15 minutes after a workout. It is swole at first, but after a few minutes it actually has the shrivel effect, which is uncommon for me.

Hope this helps.

What gains have you made over the last few months?

It’s smaller when flacid because it’s “healing”, if you take 1 week rest you gonna see it in normal size or bigger again.

It is just a bit of turtling. It happens when you do PE, as was said - it is recovering. If you are making gains, I wouldn’t really worry about it.

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