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Smoking and penis size


Originally Posted by BrownMlM
Totally out of subject maybe, but.. May I suggest vaping?, I have been vaping for almost 3 years now, before that I used to smoke a pack a day ! After I stopped and got into vaping, not only my EQ improved, but also many other aspects of my health, if you research half as much about vaping as we all do about PE, you would find vaping is a really great solution to stop smoking without cutting off the neurological, psychological and physiological bonds that smoking gives you.

Happy Growth !

I’ll look into it

I quit 7 months ago after 14 years of daily smoking. I’d say no size increase experienced so far, however quality is improved, and also sensitivity, and ability to last is therefore reduced!

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Yo bill10!

I have quit smoking (1-2 packs / day) for almost 4 years now. I saw a small increase in erection quality, but surely not a size increase.

As other people already mentioned blood circulation and blood flow is what plays an important role and smoking (nicotine and carbon monoxide) are known to be worsening your circulatory system. That being said though, a smoker that lives an otherwise healthy life with cardio and does some basic stretches might easily have a better blood circulation than a non-smoker which lives a sitting life and does not exercise.

If you don’t already exercise I suggest you start some cardio and quit that thing already!

It takes time and devotion.

I exercise. A hell of a lot..

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