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started clamping today


Originally Posted by oldman77
I have done PE for a couple of years. I have not clamped though until this week. So far do good. I am starting with 3 sets of ten minutes so I’m not going to over do it. I have an ADS yet but do traction wrapping everyday for about 4-6 hrs.

Hey oldman, i think this is too much to start out with!

I started clamping 6 weeks ago and have gained 1/3 inches in girth so far and i don’t spend half this time clamped

My routine is 1 day on 1 day off. I wet jelq for 10 min, then get as hard as i possibly can…

Then i put the clamp on behind the balls and tighten really tight while watching porn, then i try to get aroused as much as possible while softly touching the bell end. When you feel its at maximum expansion i do 50 kegels. This gives me added expansion.

Then remove the clamp straight after the kegels. Wait 10/15 min and let it go soft, then watch porn again and get full hard, then put clamp back on at the base of the penis really tight.

Then play with it to get it as rammed as possible with blood, then do another 50 kegels. Then measure its a crazy crazy expansion, then that’s it. Take 48 hours of till next session. If you have any red dots or blotches on penis take an extra day off.

Mine is bigger girth every time i measure, My first few weeks i was clamping loads and made no gains what so ever. When i cut down to time clamped i gained loads. Think clamping fatigue’s the penis very very much and you need recovery time. Hope this helps

Example routine

day 1 on
day 2 off
day 3 on
day 4 off
day 5 off
day 6 on
day 7 off
day 8 on

15/03/10 - Starting size (6.0" length x 5.0" girth) Progress Report

03/09/15 - Current size (6.5" length x 5.5" girth)

??/??/?? - Goal size (8.0" length x 6.0" girth) Syler wants a bigger dick to hurt you with!

I clamped 3 x 5 minutes twice this week and here’s my plan starting from next week (April 26th):

Monday: off
Thursday: clamping routine
Wednesday: regular routine
Thursday: clamping routine
Friday: off
Saturday: regular routine
Sunday: clamping routine

Routines are identical, only difference is clamping and less jelqing in clamping routine and no clamping and more jelqing in regular routine.

1st week: 3 x 5 min
2nd week: 3 x 6 min
3rd week: 3 x 7 min
4th week: 3 x 8 min
6th week: 3 x 9 min
7th week: 3 x 10 min

Of course, I’m going to keep an eye on my EQ and adjust accordingly.

Originally Posted by oldman77
I only did 10 minutes to start with and after I took it off my erection stayed for quite some time.

Last night, I edged in the clamp for 12 minutes, and I did NOT ejaculate. But, like you, I took the clamp off and my erection stayed for at least 3 or more minutes.

My question is; is this what we should want? Is it a bad thing to stay erect, ( without stimulation ), AFTER the clamp has been removed?

I LOVE clamping, BTW, but I love my dick and my sex life more. :) (ie: I don’t want to injure my unit, just grow it)

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