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Stetching Question

Stetching Question

Whats up all, just got a quick question. Do you ever stretch erect? e.g, when you are erect, do you rotate your cock around in circular motion, stretching different areas?

Yes I do. But this is advanced PE. I would recommend the newbie routine for several months before doing erect stretching.

The erect stretching exercise can be found at this site look under advanced PE exercises.

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I see. Yes I am a Newbie. I can definitely see improvements jelqing has done for me. Not in terms of growth (yet), but overall fullness in flaccid, fatter erect. I take that back, I have seen some girth improvements (not much length yet, a little). But increase flaccid fullness, stronger morning woods, overall healthier cock.

Kingpole I know you have a lot of experience with PE and I was just wondering if you could help me out a little and suggest any stretching routines for length, or just any exercise for length in general. I currently am doing a little manual stretching in my routine, but since I don’t think its working right now, jelqing seems to take over.

I hate to say this but jelqing is what gets you the bigger dick. So the newbies routine at 3-5 seconds per jelq should only take about 20 minutes. Say for a maximum of 200 jelqs. I would shoot for 100 and see what that does for you.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

i’m currently doing 150 jelqs, with some really slow jelqs at the end.

Kingpole what do you attribute your length gain too?

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Feb08 start: 7 bpel 5.8 eg. Is this big for a Filipino?

Goal: 8 nbpel 6.3 eg

Kingpole….quick question. Do you think it is easier to gain jelqing with a longer shaft vs. a shorter shaft? I am just curious because it seems as if if you are milking the penis, the longer length would trap blood better.

And when did you get the best gains? when you first started PE, with shorter length? or When you had longer length?

And also, when is the best time to stretch? e.g. fully erect? or 50% erect? better stretch when completely flaccid? Small flaccid vs big flaccid? etc.

I am a begginer in PE, only do the newbie routine and I do the stretching completely flaccid.
I do the stretching in five direction and after I rotate. I do it 4 times and spends 5 minuts
And after stretching I can see my cock longer shortly because after I start with jelqs.

Sorry for my english, I’m from the spanish forum. I’m only learning more English

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