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I am a newbie to this so forgive the question if it is already addressed. I was jelqing this am and I felt more so a pull on the shaft skin. Are these exercises designed to increase foreskin as well? For those who are circumcised, did you find that your foreskin increased as well?

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I’m not so sure if the exercises are designed to increase foreskin, maybe some of the other members might have an answer there.
I am uncircumcised and my foreskin increased as well. However, this could be attributed to a number of things, so I can’t just say it is specifically due to the exercises.

Good luck with your journey!


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I definitely have loosened up the remaining foreskin since I began jelqing. Especially when I started dry jelqing. I am circumcised. I wouldn’t say the exercises are designed to increase foreskin. I would say it is a bi-product of the mechanical movement.


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