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the base and erection quality

the base and erection quality

It seems like when i get it up my base just feels weak and can’t support the weight. I have been clamping for awhile, could this have done some harm? And does anyone know any way to fix, or at least ameliorate this feeling?

Sorry to double post, but a follow up. At inches of girth, im doing pretty well. I’ve never really worked much on lenght though. Should I just do the newbie routine for 3 months and see what happens?


You don’t give us much information to go on, and enable us to give advice.

For example: Did you do the Newbie routine - or any other routine before you decided to clamp.

If you just started to clamp then the answer may well be that is the cause, and you should lay off PEing for a while, and let your penis recover.

That’s about all that can be said until more information is available from you so give us some more information please and we’ll try to help.

Also, can you avioid things like ’ i and im ’ please. As proper usage helps others to understand what you are saying.



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