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The *NEW* Authentic Women’s Penis Size Preference Chart

The *NEW* Authentic Women’s Penis Size Preference Chart

The Authentic Women’s Penis Size Preference Chart

I know this is a topic that has been discussed and debated here many times but I think it is worth revisiting the topic one more time, this time in conjunction with the newly analyzed penis size data supplied by users here at TP.

“The Authentic Women’s Penis Size Preference Chart” comes from a website called and was created by someone called “Ed” in 2001. The chart has received quite a bit of coverage over the years and has been “debunked” numerous times; though how ones “debunks” an estimate of an opinion, I don’t know.

I was inclined to dismiss the chart as bullshit… until I started playing with the data. Now I’m not so sure that Ed isn’t on to something. Check out my version of the chart and you be the judge.

I have modified the original Authentic Women’ Penis Size Preference chart to include the Thunder’s Place data points. I have also added lines indicating a penis volume of 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 Cu. In. Also indicated along the axis are the average and standard deviation for length and girth from the TP data.

One interesting observation is that, according to the chart, the most enjoyable penis sizes are in a volume range between 20 and 30 cu. in. However, of the 2320 penis sizes plotted, only 24 fall into the top category (the red area of the chart). So only 1% of penises reach the top tier… sorta gives a whole new meaning to the chant “we are the 99%”.

(256.2 KB, 2451 views)

2008 Starting size: 5.25 BPEL, 5.5 girth, vol. 12.7

2009 Plateau reached 6.5 BPEL, 6.0 girth, vol. 18.6

Nice overlay but what do you think it proves? You aren’t very clear about that. Certainly the Thunder’s database doesn’t contain any information on satisfaction rates.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

They should have extended the chart out to about 16 inches and it would have ended up looking like a dick and balls.

I have sexdaily! I mean dyslexia! Fcuk!

I don’t know that it proves anything… men want bigger dicks so it would be no surprise if women want bigger dicks too.
I do note that the best size, according to the chart, is above 20 which has been my goal since long before I saw this chart.

Let’s just say I’m less inclined to just dismiss Ed’s chart since I’ve looked at the size data. Whether it’s real or not, to me, it looks plausible.

2008 Starting size: 5.25 BPEL, 5.5 girth, vol. 12.7

2009 Plateau reached 6.5 BPEL, 6.0 girth, vol. 18.6

Men want pussy but is a surprise when a woman wants pussy.

Also, women want to have deep, meaningful emotional talks with their men so it would be no surprise that men want to have deep, meaningful, emotional talks with men.

Men just want to drink beer and watch football on the weekend so it would be no surprise if women just want to drink beer and watch football on the weekend.

No need to go on. Men and women are VERY different. Men want big dicks, that implies nothing about what women want. Nothing at all. Instead of crunching numbers (a very male approach), ask a woman what she thinks (a very female approach). Since people have a rough time talking about dick size in abstract numbers, grab some house hold items to see what size she prefers in her vagina: a wine bottle, a can of pringles, your shaving cream, or a banana. Even girls who see 8x6 as a fun challenge will generally admit that a little smaller is better for daily use, especially if they like quickies or giving head and anal.

Or if you prefer numbers, check into the size of the most popular dildos women buy. That will give you a much more honest answer.

“I was like, Am I gay? Am I straight? And I realized...I'm just slutty. Where's my parade? What about slut pride?”

― Margaret Cho

Someone called “ed”?
How does he know what is ideal for a woman? Uh?

So… 6 inches in circunference is not ideal. Right…

This is no surprise to me at all. Being bi I’ve noticed it’s women who want the bigger dick, not the guy surprisingly. And I always used to think guys wanted a bigger cock, whether it was owning it or getting it, without fail! Haha

03/04/12 BPEL 7.7 NBPEL 7.1 EG 4.8 05/05/12 BPEL 8 NBPEL 7.5 EG 5.1

Short term Goal: BPEL 8.5 NBEL 8 Long term Goal: BPEL 9 NBPEL 8.5 <-Hope to reach that in about a year.

I'm going to up the intensity and hit PE hard!

Length, 7 to 8 I understand & is probably accurate. But the girth, I’m not buying. 6 1/4 to 6 1/2… I just don’t see that one. Most women have no clue about either length or girth. Sure they can see it, but they don’t know how big the circumference actually is. Length is a little easier to just look at and say ‘hey, that’s just fine!’ haha But girth, not so easily distinguishable. I’d say 5 1/2 to 6 is probably more like it.

I’m going to venture a woman’s ideal (based on nothing but some logic). This does not take into account freakish girls, sluts or porn stars.

7 1/2 to 8 x 5 1/2 to 6 (but like I said, they really don’t know sizes by the numbers well, only the feel or look which is hardly reliable to accuracy)

I can tell you right now, if I was 6 1/2, I would NOT have fit in any of the girls I have slept with. There’s no way. Just my opinion though.

Starting - November 12, 2012 || BPEL: 6 7/8in || EG: 4 1/2in

Goal #1 - BPEL: 7 3/8 (+ 1/2 in.) || EG: 4.75 in. (+ 1/4 in.)

The problem is that there are just way too many variables in the preference “study”.

For all we know, what these women call their dream size of 8x6 might actually measure out as 7x5 in the real world. Some women might report 8” as her dream and one might report 10“ and they might both be thinking of a real world 7.5“.

Too many variables to even compare individual preferences to each other and call it a study, never mind comparing this “study“ to actual physical data of actual studies.

Keep an open mind and a closed wallet... unless it\'s open to making a donation!

No, this must be bullshit. Girth is just too fucking huge. Ideal 6-7 inches? No way.

7-8 length and 5.5-6.5 girth is what i always suspected ideal.

I seem to recall the “debunking” was made by the author of the website himself. Supposedly the data was manufactured…

Originally Posted by djrobins
I seem to recall the “debunking” was made by the author of the website himself. Supposedly the data was manufactured…

That’s how I remember it too.

Originally Posted by Serenity73
That’s how I remember it too.

These type’s of data along with stripperweb, etc are useful in inspiring guys to go after their PE goals. However the negative self reinforcement can become a problem later on after the PE work is done, because we end up comparing ourselves to a cock that is way out of the norm, and you may be a healthy size and thinking that it must be below average.

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