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Thunder's Place's 13th Anniversary

Congratulations this is the place where we can grow…!!!


"Con esfuerzo y dedicación se forma un campeón"

Facebook was founded 10 years ago (and just served universities initially), to give a sense of time not scale. In Internet years this place is 61.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

This place has changed my life in sort of different way, it made me a bit suggestive, but in a good way. We as mentors have been mentors and good ones at that. Thunder’s has a lot of elders we just don’t come and go like many have, we have become a family, brothers, we care. Many of us know each other an a personal basis. My wife knows some of my personal friends here and she cares about them. I told these guys from the beginning to customize, but I didn’t do it, because I became so consumed in the size I was getting that I continued to grow to the point of marriage problems. All is well now and we are happy. The vets here know what I am talking about and my life, but like I mentioned, many of us have become brothers.

Sunshinekid and Renegade came to Tucson to visit. I took them to my home town were I grew up then we went to Tombstone. I would have never met these nice people had it not been for this place. Thunder has a gold mind here and believe it or not, he is a really cool dude, I am affectionately joking with you Thunder. You are a great friend to us, ms tnt and I. You go out you of way to help so many out, why? Everybody here has an insecurity. That is why we all showed up.

Sunshinekid and Diamondwinds make this so much fun and they are females. They understand our insecurities. How awesome is that.

Thunder, sir, thank you so much for you time and for the opportunity to meet some of my dearest and closest friends. I am sincere as I write this. Every year, there is a get to gather in New York with many of the PE’rs. I have not gone, but Jenny and I plan to.

mafero, Thank you so much for threading this. It often goes unsaid, this place runs on donations and there is a hand full of us that donate. Jenny even donates. This place is free. It gives everybody the exercises and the mentorship. Think about it, this can cost all kinds of money if one would have to make an appointment to grow their cock.

Thanks ThunderSS for every thing. Happy anniversary to this place……………

This place is truly a gem.


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Happy Anniversary and Congratulations Thunder’s Place!

Simply the greatest site for penis health and enlargement forum!!!


Congratulations guys! Here’s to the next 13!


The aim: to be unable to fit in a cigar cutter.

Nice work all these years! Thanks ThunderSS.

nov.2010: BPEL 14,5cm; nov.2013: BPEL 17,5cm; aprill 2016: BPEL 18,5cm; First Goal: BPEL (20,5) MSEG (16,0) FL (15,0)

ThunderSS, among this “large group of members” many have already left but you are still here doing the same excellent work for all of us since the very first day of the forum. Understood?


I always see you here.


Nah, that’s not magic. See what I’m saying, you reply just a few minutes after I posted.



End of discussion. :violin:



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