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Transforming growth factor beta (TGF-β), good or bad?

Transforming growth factor beta (TGF-β), good or bad?

TGF-β is a substance that drives fibrosis. It’s not the only one, mechanisms in the body tend to be a chain or web of of interactions between different substances.

TGF-β is upregulated in response to mechanical stimulation, stretching, and hypoxia and so it fits the profile of a causative agent of what I’ve been calling the contraction response, though I don’t think it’s the only thing involved in that process because there seems to be at least two phases of the contraction response, one is more or less immediate and the other happens over more time.These are things I attribute with causing my hard plateau during my previous PE journey, possibly causing later shrinkage through cyclic inflammation of fibrotic tissue. I’ve been avoiding things that seem to trigger this, and it seems to be panning out since my penis is now a bigger size than I was able to reach before. … iki/Contracture

On the other hand, TGF-β also causes angiogenesis and other vascular changes that might be useful.

I’m presenting this in a very simplified form. TGF-β is not one substance, it’s a term defined by the receptor, of which there are also many. TGF-β is really one of the more complicated things in the human body, really integrated deep in the mechanisms that determine and maintain histology.

I’ve tried two downregulators of TGF-β that I felt were low risk, one orally, topically, and intraurethrally, the second topically and intraurethrally. Neither produced a noticable effect after 2 weeks.

It might be impractical because of the pharmakinetics, a problem generally for any chem PE, a dose directly to the penis dissipates quickly into the blood and lymph, while taking enough to dose the entire body would be toxic. There’s a way to get around this complication, but it involves either injection or implant of a slow release form of the substance, like how some hormonal preparations are used. I’m not willing to go that far for a few reasons. Though if the target is the fascias of the penis, the space between the fascias looks like a convenient reservoir for substances that wouldn’t harm the vasculature or nerves within.

Does anyone have any insight into this subject?

Is transforming growth factor beta good, neutral, or bad for PE?

Or is its relationship to PE more complicated than that?

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