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Welcome! Your background and experience looks very interesting and helpful on this board. You offered, so I accept the invitation to ask questions:) More specifically, on the issue of pain in the groin region as a result of PE. If you could please, look over two threads entitled…“‘bout that injury, Dance” in this forum and “Pain and Soreness Questions from Bib” in the hangers forum. I can’t quite sus some of this pain out (gone now) or if it is really beneficial to any type of PE success. Also, though I speculate wildly on the possible causes, locations, and tissues involved I’m not familiar enough with the anatomy in the groin region to actually diagnose myself. You sound like you might indeed be able to clear up some of my confusion. This may also serve many others in the future, especially since you have this knowledge coupled with PE experience. Any help appreciated. Thanx much. groa


Sure thing GROA, JUst wanted to reply to let you know I’ll be looking at the other theads, and I’ll write up my results, etc.


Possible traumas, injuries, symptoms etc..

Hi Groa, sorry for the delay in replying. As you already know, a lot of my day-to-day work involves treating patients who have sustained muscle, tendon and ligament injuries.

After reading the posts you referred to, it seems that you’ve done your research too!, Perhaps what I’m going to write, you’ll already know!

I’ve spent a bit of time looking up my old notes and anatomy books just to see what differences appear between those tissues that I “normally” work with and those of the groin and penis. Apart from the unique erectile capacity that the penis possesses, any possible injuries, traumas, etc. sustained would have similar symptoms regardless of the corporal location.

It is possible to sustain any one of the following:

Acute tendinitis
Busitis (sinovial)
Muscular distensions, tears, etc.
Ligament sprains, twists, etc. (also “hipelaxitive instability”)
Pseudarthrosis (A false joint)
Aneurysm (Permanent dilatation of an artery usually with rupture of the internal and middle coats)
Hemorrages, burst blood vessels/capiliaries
Unconsolidated fractures/tears, etc. callouses

Ok, that all seems like frightening stuff!, But in most cases we’re talking about Micro-ruptures. SYmptoms and any discomforts would last anywhere between 24hrs to one week.

So, what to do? My recommendations IF you/anyone experiences pain/discomfort etc.. is take a minimum of 3 days complete rest from the activity.

During the first 24 hrs. it is necessary to check for any abnormal inflammation - in which case, if positive DO NOT use any heat/heat pads, etc… WAIT for the inflamation to subside.

Then, it is safe and HIGHLY recommended that “heat treatment” be applied to the area where the discomfort is felt.

After 48hrs, the healing process can be helped by performing a “massage” technique (after applying heat), using the “Pads” of the thumb, index and middle fingers (make sure the massage is NOT superficial: i.e. the skin which is in contact with the finger pad moves in “unison”..thus the pressure from the massage is directly upon the muscle/tendon/ligament. The movements should be very small circular, or better still, short-straight movements, perpendicular to which the muscle/tendon/ligament fibres run.

Anyways, apart from all of that, I MUST say that this is supposition on my part as I’ve never dealt with injuries sustained in the penis itself. (I would invite any comments from anyone, if only to tell me I’m wrong, in which case correct me please!)

Reference to your post where you mention the colles fascia… you’re probably right, if that is where you felt the discomforts.

I’ll be continuing my research (I certainly have a lot more info - AND questions for you “hangers out there” - about the “mecahnics” of PE’ng).



Useful info. What you said sounds pretty close to what I experienced…just took a couple of days and I’m fine. Pretty safe to say that with the lack of research on the effect of PE, especially with regard to injury/pain, analogy is going to be the best (only) way to go on this issue. Do feel free to post any links to anatomy or other web info that you know of in the “Links Forum”. I suspect you look for info that I don’t know of in places I don’t know exist on these subjects. Non-PE massage links welcome, too. Good back massage is the fastest way to a woman’s…..:) :) :)

Effects of PE

Because of my profession, I’m always interested in “cause-effect-implications-treatments” (especially the treatments part!)

I have a large collection of reference material - I’m constantly “studying” (more now than when I actually “qualified”).

In particular, I have quite a bit of material regarding stretching techniques (but none cite penis stretching) for increasing flexibility, and from what I can gather so far, is that there are no real major differences from say, stretching the group of muscles/tendons/ligaments in the Quadriceps, to those in the penis and groin region.

The only differences that I can see (and which I’m trying to reasearch) are to do with the elasticity properties, due to the nature of the “muscle” tissues (i.e. erectile tissues as opposed to “normal” muscle tissues.

I’m seriously thinking of trying hanging as this will no doubt aid my investigations.

However, in the meantime I’m going to continue with “manual” techniques - I’m going to change my current routine in the next few days, and for this next workout period I’m going to go for length rather than girth.

PE is not only interesting from the “esthetic” point of view, but also the implications that arise from having an increased penile health.

On that note, something I read elsewhere: between the years 1981-1991, 180,000 men died of Aids, and the US Govt. spent 350 million dollars in research and campaigns, however in the same period 350,000 men died of prostate cancer, and only 80 million dollars were spent.

P.S. Not only being able to give a good back massage is the fastest way to a woman’s ….. BUT ALSO knowing WHERE to touch - there are come incredible “pressure points” along the woman’s back that have them literally “gushing”… and they never say NO! ;)

Right on

Excellent info, guys.

I’m very interested in the recuperation time after each workout. How long does it take for the cells to be “restored” or healed? I’m doing currently the 2 days on, 1 off routine, sometimes 3 days on, 2 days off. I also take 3g of L-Arginine and 1.5g of L-Lysine.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

I just want to throw my two cents in here. I have found that using a frozen bag of peas works better for me. So heat might be good and work, but cold will also do wonders if you really have hurt yourself. Do different combos of ice, heat, ice. Or ice and then later on heat. Every morning I take the frozen peas out and drink my coffee and read the PE board as my morning routine. I believe the ice has really helped my recovery.

Now as for the taking a few day off, I wish :( . It has been months now and I am still not about to even consider hanging :( . I don’t even try manually stretching yet because just jelqing will aggrevate it.

On the up side I am having sucess with the wrapping. I do several wraps a day of about 30 minutes. That’s a good amount of time for me because it is totally expanded beyond the normal erection size (the head is 3/4 bigger in circumference and 1/4 longer). If I wore it at a less than erection tension, even for much longer periods, I don’t believe I will grow.

I will slowly move into using the uli thing now because I only need a few pounds to do the trick. If you are totally expanded that’s all it takes, but if you are just a little expanded then you need more weight.


recuperation aids

Hey Guys, glad for your comments, the more the merrier!

Dance: “Ice pack” yeah that’s cool (no pun intended), in any physical workout, there’s always some element of swelling or inflammation: if it’s “bad” inflamation then the “curing” period is helped by first reducing the swelling (i.e. cold packs, etc)… however it’s always a good idea that some kind of “circulation enhancement” (e.g. heat treatment) is done, especially on “Rest days” just for maintenance - even only if it is to stimulate “natural” adhesives (which cure micro-tears) or liquid flow (e.g. sinovial liquid which helps maintain elasticity properties in ligaments).

Regarding hanging: have you tried to hang BUT using the minimum weight that produces your maximum stretch WITHOUT discomfort? I’m thinking along the lines of “permanent traction effect”.

Uncut4Big: As far as recuperation, that is something that I’m really interested in too. Suffice to say that to some extent it depends on each person (just like PE), but there are “general” periods that can be applied to different genres of “injury” (and the extent of the injury).

I also think that “recovery” is something that you will be able to determine personally.. How did/do you feel when you start after one day rest, and how do you feel after two days rest? And are the two days on, much different to the three days on (e.g. do you do more hours in two days, relative to three days? etc..)

Re. L-Arginine, L-Lysine, etc… When do you take these?
I’ve just started a new cycle of L-Arginine+L.Ornitine+L-Lysine, and I take those the LAST thing before sleeping (and atleast 1 hour after having eaten anything, so that there is no interferrence in my stomach, etc..). The reason I take them during the night is because as I understood it, the effect that these aminoacids have, especially on the hipofisis/growth hormone, is at a premium, when the body is in “sleep mode”.

This is going to sound strange but I believe that heat aggrevated my injury. I was doing pretty good today and had my morning ice pack etc. I have not really been doing any heat and things are doing well. Today I decided that I need to do the heat and grind up msm with arnica into a paste thing and top with a warm chinese oil. I did these treatments many many times a day but for a while now I have not really done them. Well anyway, now I notice the injury is sore. Confusing. Now there is no doubt that I did more yesterday than normal. I did 4 wrap sessions and they were pretty intense as well as very little light jelqing. However, I was not sore afterwards, and this morning I was not sore either. I did the heat and went to the store etc., and then I noticed it was tender and a little sore there. Really strange.

Troy, you ask,
Regarding hanging: have you tried to hang BUT using the minimum weight that produces your maximum stretch WITHOUT discomfort? I’m thinking along the lines of “permanent traction effect”.

The answer is, no, and I am not going to for a while either. I tried to hang directly afterwards a few months ago and that was a huge mistake. If just jelqing makes it sore there is no way I can do that. I don’t even manually stretch because of that so I am not going to mess with hanging. Once you start hanging you will understand that a little better. When I occasionally do the uli thing (you have to read up on that), I hang with 2-3 pounds and I can really feel it straining there after only a few minutes. That may be close to what you are saying and is my next step. If I advance with that then maybe, maybe, I can try and resume hanging.



I am taking 500 mg per day and 1000 mg 1 hour before sex or masturbation. It has worked to increase the ejac. fluid amount. As I told you in an earlier post, I am 62 years old and had talked about my reduction in ejac. fluid with my Dr. GP. He indicated that for a man my age that a reduction in ejaculation fluid was perfectly normal. The only problem was, I did not want to be normal. I did a lot of reading on the internet and found that L’Arginine, an amino acid, was very helpful in increasing the ejac. fluids. Furthermore, it indicated that under normal conditions there should be no ill side effects. I started a few months ago and happy to say that the ejac. fluids really started to increase. I also do a lot of edging during intercourse and masturbation. Edging is just what the term implies. I get to the edge where I feel like I am going to orgasm and I stop all motion and wait for the urge to pass. I do this 5 or 6 times each time we make love or I masturbate. This also has the effect of stimulating the prostate to come forth with an amazing amount of ejac. fluid. I would be interested in hearing if you start to take L’Arginine and what effect it has on you. Good Luck and God Bless America!


Just starting today (or rather this evening, last thing before getting in to bed):

Pre-prepared combination of L-Arginine+L-Ornathine (approx. ratio of 3:1, with L-Arginine approx. 750mg)

In case of any side-effects (such as cold-sores), I’ll add L-Lysine too.

I’m going to ba taking the aminoacids primarily for their catalystic functions: L-Arginine’s stimulation in “growth” and L-Ornathine for it’s capacity to preserve the “better” cells that are generated.

Note: I also understand that L-Ornathine has a marvellous capacity to help eradicate any possible new “cancerous” cells, in particular those that might effect the urogenital/reproductive system.

I’ll be posting any results/side-effects as and when there appears to be anything worth commenting.

With reference to taking L-Arginine to increase my ejaculation, I’ll probably give that a go within a week or so: athough up till now, I’ve noticed anything to have me worried about quantity. I’ll keep you posted.


Haven't had time

Been so busy with work and client meetings, I haven’t had the time to think about ejac. for the last two days. Managed to get the jelq in though. That I wouldn’t miss for any thing. I have been taking the L’Arginine though and I think that tonite I will probably have a chance to see wha the results are. It might be a little skewed since I haven’t ejaculated for a few days. Anyway, I will let you know. As I said in one of my other posts, at age 62 I wanted to do something about the ejac fluid drop off and this stuff seems to be doing the trick. It is just that if you ejac every day at my age, the fluids just aren’t there no matter if you take L’arginine or not. But the feeling is the same regardless. Anyway, I keep you posted as to what happens. If you have any good ideas on any lengthening other than hanging or vaccum I am interested. Been jelqing and Uli only. I will check on this site tomorrow and let you know. Maybe you can post something if you have any info. Thanks and be well.

Too early to say...

Hey UC61LA.. (and other readers)
I’m only into my second day of aminoacids, and as far as I can tell, no great change in ejaculation, nor physical (feelings, or otherwise), although my wife made another comment this morning that my “one-eyed-worm” (I’ll call it a snake when I get to 8”) is harder than ever, and in some positions she feels uncomfortable, and needs some time to get used to it. (Any similar reactions from wives and girlfriends out there?)

BTW: See my post in “personal routines/let’s have some more input…” I’ve modified my jelqing, and I’m definitely feeling a better “pull” for length.


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