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Turkey neck...anything?

I have had a keen interest in eliminating my turkey neck which I gained when restoring years ago. I have read many postings concerning this feature.

Some time ago I read on another site something about using pony tailers. I tried this procedure. I had to start using only a couple. That was several months ago. I have slowly increased the number used so that I am now using 12 for periods of up to three hours.

Previously to this my testicles would be drawn quite tight against my body. They now hang loosely, which is something I wanted to happen. I have also all but eliminated my turkey neck problem. This does not solve the problem of hair creep up the shaft as a result of restoring. That I can live with as it is easily solved by simply shaving the area every few days.

Would like to hear about the recent experiences others have had in this area.

Best wishes all.


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pony tailers


>Some time ago I read on another site something about using pony tailers.

The ball stretching bible - includes ponytailers as a stretching technique along with split weights and leather stretchers. I mainly use steel scrotum rings these days. I did it to get lower hanging balls as I never have had turkey neck but the effect is related.


Has anybody succeeded in stretching shaft skin as trunksdarklord described in this thread namely stretching that ‘good’ shaft skin in the middle and as a result permanently moved down the scrotum creep from the underside of the shaft?

This is how my problem looks like after doing Penis Enlargement for over 5 years: Dropbox - Error

I’ve had great success on resolving my natural turkey neck. In my path of gaining (more like trying to gain) I’ve stumbled upon monkey bar all day stretch sleeve, where you attach an end to a pretty light weight and then you roll it on your member, I did that except I didn’t push my skin towards the silicon I actully stretched my member as I roll the sleeve onto it, 20minutes pass and I couldn’t stand the irritation , pop it off and the skin on the lower part of my shaft is turning pinkish. I shrugged it off and kept using it and maybe after a week or so I noticed a pseudo increase in my EL, I was hyped and thought I should measure and no EL increase was there, it was the turkey neck that receded and made my member look longer.

I’m not trying to endorse monkey bar, you could find silicon sleeves on ebay that I believe will give you the same result, just attach the other end to something like monkeybar weights.


I understand that when you roll the silicon sleeve onto your penis shaft while the penis shaft is stretched then naturally for the time while the sleeve is worn the shaft skin will be stretched (because the shaft skin is “frozen” in the stretched position while the silicon is on the stretched shaft). But I don’t understand that part: “you attach an end of the sleeve to a pretty light weight” namely why do you need additional weight? I don’t even understand how monkeybar works, do you mean something like this? (Or can you provide some other link which will picture what you had in mind?) :

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Putting additional weight, in my opinion, is stretching the internal penis (corpora carvenosa and corpus spongiosum) which I DON’T WANT right now, I only want to stretch the shaft skin. This is why I wonder whether doing any stretching of shaft skin WHILE FLACCID will be effective because while stretching the shaft while flaccid you are also stretching the tunica and already mentioned CC and CS while when erect you are not check out this exercise: Manual Tugging Method 2 to Restore the Foreskin after Circumcision | Restoring when done flaccid it will stretch CC and CS as well which is BAD.

I here I found silicon sleeves, are they ok for what you had in mind:

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The_Visitor yes its as in your video, and the weight is like the one shown in the video (mine weighs exactly 0.6 kg), the silicon sleeve I use is longer though and reaches pretty close to the base. After 30minutes or so I feel irritation (like a burn) and I take it off.

I used to hang 5kg prior and during my experiment with the sleeve, my turkey neck got worse with hanging but had a marked improvement after using the sleeve. I’m using the weight btw because I also desire some length gains.\

Edit: just for clarification the weight I use is about the size of the vachanger head (the one he attached the tube to apply vacum)

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Night8fox, I understand that you are using weight solely for length gain but how does weight play a role in better shaft skin stretching in contrast to if you were to only wear silicon sleeve without the weight? If you were aiming at only stretching shaft skin then the sole silicon sleeve might do the job (without the weight) if I wore silicon sleeve at night during sleep it might actually work I might try this out. Doing hanging with weight if I only want my shaft skin stretched does not convince me. Check out my problem which I described in the following video you might get what I mean: Dropbox - File Deleted

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Hello the visitor, I’m just listing my experience I only ever used the sleeve with the weights as per the instructions to use it as an ADS, it should stretch the skin without a weight .

To trunksdarklord:

How will this affect the altitude of the testicles? I have a MASSIVE turtleneck after many years of PE. I even developed a left side varicocele due to PE. I cannot PE anymore as it pains when I squeeze my unit. I think it’s because my skin stretched so far that even some veins inside the scrotum followed up on the shaft. My left testy hangs much lower than the right and I am afraid that your technique will make it hang even lower - or would it actually have the opposite effect? I’m considering giving this strategy a try with a 20 minutes per day routine. I will upload before and after pictures if it works.

Originally Posted by Damagedbype
I have a MASSIVE turtleneck after many years of PE.

:D me too :D . Sure sign of a “grown” cock :) .


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So let me get this straight: no one has actually fixed their turkey neck with any sort of manual stretch, and all we have are ideas what may work with no one saying that it actually has.

Is that right?

Since only mrs. x is going to see Tiger, I don’t care that I have a turkey neck so have never looked into ways to reduce it. I mean PE takes enough time as it is! Anyhoo, my guess is that there’s not much that can be done about it other than surgery, which is a NFW for me.

Show off your turkey neck with pride! You built it :) .


originally: 6.5" BPEL x 5.0" EG (ms); currently: 9.825" BPEL x 6.825" EG (ms)

Hidden details: Finding xeno: a penis tale; Some photos: Tiger

Tell me, o monks; what cannot be achieved through efforts. - Siddhartha Gautama

I have only recently joined the forum after spending a lot of time reading through the information posted.

After much reading and some basic training exercise practices it became readily apparent that I have a serious turkey neck problem. It interferes with most exercises and it is not caused by them since this is my first experience with PE.

Based on this I have begun the process of attempting to stretch my shaft skin to see if is possible to reduce the problem non-surgically.

Right now the exercises described earlier in this thread feel as though they are targeting the right area and I can feel the burn from stretching the skin.

One week of careful exercising is down and I am determined to keep up a much more serious routine for the next few months.

I can’t understand why nobody is doing the method explained by trunksdarklord, I did it today for 30 min and it already made wonders (don’t do it for 30 min though, read below)

I’m uncut and I HAD turkey neck until today. I was very angry because my TN was making my dick look WAY smaller than it actually was so some days ago I started stretching the shaft skin below the frenulum and above the scrotum a couple of times a day. I did it for about 1 min every time I went to pee and I helped a lot, but I still had some but it denifitely helped. The pubic skin (?) at the base of my penis was intact so I thought I could do the same all around my penis, but I decided to look up here before doing something that could make everything worse.

And I found trunksdarkslord method which is basically the same thing I did under my penis but targeting all the shaft skin around the penis. I did it today for 30 mins and it was like MAGIC. I no longer have TK under my penis and it looks like the pubic skin (I know it has another name but I whatve) at the base of my penis its starting to retract. Definitely noticeable. After all this years of Turkey Neck shame, my dick is starting to look how it was supposed to look. It looks like when I was a teeneager.

Now, I have always considered to have a VEEERY stretchy skin so maybe thats why I fixed my TN so quickly. So I DO NOT recommend doing this for 30 mins straight because you can break some blood vessels under your skin. I did it (and kinda aggressively) and I broke one at the side of my penis. Do it exactly as trunksdarklord explained and you’ll be fine.

Sorry if my english sucks, I’m not a native speaker but I felt the need to vouch trunksdarklord method since I can’t believe no one did after 5+ years. Its a shame I didn’t took a pre-TN picture but I’ll keep a progress of the hairy pubic skin at the base of my penis.

Cheers and PE safely.

Did another session today. 15 min this time. It’s doing wonders, I estimate in 1 or 2 weeks I’ll have a completely normal dick.


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