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Using Tantra for a bIgger penis


Hey all! If you’re enjoying this thread, I’ve started a YouTube series on these very topics. Please consider checking it out!

Have been off-again, on-again since my teen years. Began: 7.75" x 4.5"

Current: 8.8 x 5.25"

Goal: Whatever the Good Lord wishes to bequeath me (aka: never stop growing)

Awesome! I was hoping you would start something like this :-)

Thank you!

Originally Posted by Ganesh10in
Hey all! If you’re enjoying this thread, I’ve started a YouTube series on these very topics. Please consider checking it out!

Ha! Was just talking about getting naked yesterday with my instructor. There is a festival in Feb 21 where being nude is common and there was a night with over 300 people in a room having sex. Obviously just before Covid hit for thos year.

Ganesh, are there any books or articles you would recommend for more information about tantra?

Originally Posted by Ganesh10in
Over the last months, I have been having tremendous, new gains. Not only has my prized member increased in size and I have finally reached the long-sought goal I set out for in my teenage years, but my sexual energy has gone through the roof. I have constant erections, and I orgasm multiple times a day like I was a teenager.

I would invite you to take a look at a previous threat I wrote a decade ago about how yogic practices can help with PE Untraditional PE Exercises. I intend to take these discussions a step further.

First: a warning. This process takes a long time to cultivate. I started doing tantric yoga and meditation when I was 19–I am now 32. The rewards, however, have been spectacular.

Let’s start with the meditative aspect. Each morning when I meditate, I now have a rock-hard, throbbing member for the entire hour and a half I sit. I wake up hard, go pee, immediately find myself hard again and stay that way through the beginning of my morning.

If you’ve explored eastern esotericism before—you are aware of things called chakras. At the base of your penis is the svadishthana chakra. It is an energy nexus. When you are tense or blocked here—it will manifest as blockages in your sexuality, your creativity, or your ability to accept another person’s support/love. It is the chakra of water, fluidity—hence the sexual organs being watery organs (vaginal fluids, precum, semen, etc.)

You’ll need to have an open svadishthana (sex) chakra—and mulandhara (root) chakra (at the bottom of your perineum) to facilitate this process. I would recommend meditating on these areas, trying to feel a sense of tingling, movement, swirling, etc—and invite those sensations to expand. It has taken me many years to get these areas suitably open—and I am still very much a work in progress.

Once you have access to these energy centers down here, it’ll become much easier to feel the essence of your sexual energy. Right now, if I bring my mind down to the center of my pelvis, I can feel the sensation of an orgasm. No—not an approximation of an orgasm. An actual orgasm. Whenever I send my mind down here, I can feel my prostate starting to flutter—my dick gets immediately hard, and I start leaking pre. My toes curl and my eyes role up in my head.

I can tune into the this feeling of orgasm all day, anywhere I go. When I take my dog for a walk, I meditate on this place and feel orgasm after orgasm role through my body. My dick gets super hard and wet—lol—but I don’t care. I am a bit of an exhibitionist and love letting people look. I doubt they’d believe that something so big was my dick, anyways.

You can get to the point where you are so open and connected with your sex chakra that you can basically have all-day orgasms. I know this sounds incredible—but it’s the state I’ve been living in over the past several months, since I’ve been actively working to connect with my sexual energy more directly than I ever have prior. I know have boners when I go to bed, if I wake up in the middle of the night, and hardwood every single morning. Most of us lose our morning wood in our early twenties. It’s been amazing to rediscover this.

When sitting in meditation, I work to grow this pelvic energy and feel it expand. More than that, I circulate it through my body—drawing it up my spine and letting it pool at the crown of my head. This gives me an otherworldly-sense of oneness with the universe, creation, and my fellow life forms. A euphoric sensation of oneness with the world. Again, I know this sounds incredible—but any ancient yogi will tell you that this is the goal of yoga—cosmic oneness and constant spiritual ecstasy.

Because I am so in tune with my sexual energy, now—I am often orgasming and hard. But not only this, I now have the ability to choose when/if I cum. When making love with my spouse, I can literally last however long I want—have many orgasms—and then cum if I so choose. When I do cum, now—it is a different texture than before. It’s thin, watery, and probably quadruple the amount of fluid I used to. We are literally covered from head to foot, if I let it go everywhere. Usually, though—on the rare instance that I choose to ejaculate—which is generally once a week or less—I try to drink all of my sexual fluids. All of my partner’s, also. Ingesting the sexual nectar of your loins will give you more energy, stamina, and—I’ve heard several practitioners argue—hair growth on the top of your head. I try to consume my semen every single time I can. I highly recommend it.

Because I am horny all day, every day—I spend much of my day touching myself. I’ll be doing work and stroking my hard cock as often as I can. I probably consciously take five or six breaks a day to go play with my lingam (tantric term for phallus)—and have a few orgasms before putting my still-pulsating member away and returning to work. I have more energy than I’ve ever had before. I feel more alive. More radiant. And more beautiful. Since adopting these practices, my workout strength has improved tremendously and I am making gains again in my physique.

Now, for the thing you are most curious about—making your dick even bigger.

So, I started PE when I was a teenager. I made it from seven-and-a-half inches up to around nine inches through PE—but I kind of plateaued there. I wondered if that was my limit. Since undergoing these above-mentioned practices, I have been gaining again. he way my spouse looks at me know is intoxicating. My partner orgasms just from touching my dick, it’s so big and beautiful.

I’m sure the constant arousal has much to do with the gains. But, the bigger part, I suspect, is my increased level of what yogis call “Surrender.” It’s the capacity to let go and accept what is. It is putting your body into a complex pose and relaxing to the point of finding total ease—even when balancing on your head. It’s tying yourself into knots and finding such surrender that you could float away.

Over the last several months, I have reinvested in stretching my lingam, holding it at its maximum extension, and then deeply letting go inside. Inviting my tendons and ligaments to stretch and release to a greater extent than ever before. Inviting what parts of my lingam are still trapped inside my pelvis to become external. Inviting my tunica to relax, lengthen, and open. The results have been blissful. In the same way that I can move more deeply into a yoga pose by exploring this internal letting-go, I am now able to do similar with my penis.

Every night, as I lay in bed, I spend several minutes stretching BTC, massaging the front of my pubic bone, and feeling a deep sense of stretch and release. I f-e-e-l my member stretching in my hands, growing longer. It’s so I’m empowering. I’ve been using my opposite hand to dig deeply into the connective tissue at the base of my lingam and get it to stretch—to untie any knots that are holding my cock in. I’m inviting it to let go. I am inviting my penis to stretch and open.

Lastly, as part of my tantric meditation, I connect with the primordial aspect of male divinity. I energetically hook myself up to the energy of male sexuality. I envision (I call it Shiva) Shiva’s torso floating huge above my head and flowing into me. I feel myself becoming host to the deity. I feel my body transforming into his. In my meditation space, I have a painting of this masculine energy that I did myself. In this painting, I drew him with an tubules, dripping member extended out past his knees. I feel his energy and mine merging. I am becoming a living depiction of this primordial male energy—huge member and all.

I also envision him and the primordial goddess energy having sex in my nether-parts. I imagine them making love inside of me—and let those energies feed my own orgasmic growth.

I recognize that this could sound like hoodoo—extravagant extrapolations of my experiences. All I can share is that for me, they are true. I encourage everyone to forge their own meditative journey connecting with their inner-selves, their sexual energy, and their ability to operate on a much higher frequency. Life om this level is very good. 😎

I’m curious to the path required to get you to the level of intentional erections and orgasmic energy.

I’ve expirimented with my sexual energy in edging to the point of orgasm but not orgasming. Then doing it again several times in succession to raise your sexual and internal energy. But to do it all mentally and thru breathing … Wow it would sound unreal to most westerners. Im sure a minority heavy into yoga or meditation might have an idea.

Originally Posted by Ganesh10in
Hey all! If you’re enjoying this thread, I’ve started a YouTube series on these very topics. Please consider checking it out!

I’m in.

damn, i posted my comment in the wrong thread ( - ehlolol - A New Cock )… i will copy paste it here…:


i dont understand one thing with eastern spirituality… or rather, i do, but my understanding contradicts your liberal approach or tantra’s liberal approach to it:

1. In Christianity, Jesus says that the “kingdom of God” is within, Paul says that the “rapture” will be when we meet Christ in the “air” (air = heaven = brain/mind).
Jesus says “let thine eye be single and your body shall be filled with light” - in Buddhism, I learnt about the mind-made phenomenon known as “nimitta” which is a dot of light that appears during meditation, which grows and overtakes your entire inner perception, leading you into the 1st Jhana (which there are 8 levels of). I came to understand that what the buddhist call “Jhana”, Jesus called the “kingdom of God”.
Oh also, is the parable of the 10 virgins, 5 wise and 5 foolish. The foolish are foolish because they dont have “oil” (=semen) in their lamps, all of them are trying to enter the “kingdom of God” (Samadhi).

2. In Taoism, the same concept is taught as an inner alchemical process, where Jing (Semen) is transmuted to Qi (Energy) which in turn is transmuted into Shen (Soul).
(Sidenote: The Christian cross, when fully understood in occult and proper manner [as not one thing in the bible is literal, I came to understand too late], is also an alchemical process: Jesus’ supposed death at the age of “33” in golgotha is a hidden/occult reference to the 33 vertebrates of the human spine that lead up to the “golgotha”, which translated means skull, literally… and the 7 chakras are encoded in Christianity as the 7 seals / trumpets / 7 churches etc. but I digress).

From diving deep into all of this, I figured out what its all about.
Its about the awakening of the kundalini serpent that lies coiled at the base of the spine, in 3.5 turns, when awakend, travels up the spine and exits from the crown chakra.
Along its travel, it opens up (if closed) the 7 chakras that lie on the spine.

In the bible, there is a hidden / occult reference to it: Revelation 5:1
“And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals.”

A “book” written “within” and on the “backside” with “7 seals”… this is just another way of referring to the holy serpent, simply as a “book” with 7 seals, I digress yet again.

But it is important that I write all of this - because every single tradition I viewed, Christianity, Taoism and heck, even Buddhism - semen retention was like a must.
Even the dalai lama made an emphasis that his (?) tantric monks (or monks he knew that practiced tantra) were still “monks” (i.e. semen retention) that caught my eye (or ears)…

In one of your videos you said you were virgin til 25. I won’t assume that you were doing no-fap, but there is good chance you were, being a devot spiritual person, who has been meditating ever since 11 years old.
I believe your spiritual development is due to the natural semen retention you did.

I do not believe it is possible to spiritually develop without it - however, my belief is not grounded in personal experience, but in all the sources I read.
They all claim semen retention and the transformation thereof into a greater essence. Its the oil in the lamp, it is the fuel to ignite or kickstart the holy serpent & the “process”, so to speak

This is the “Great Work” of becoming a true “Aryan” (a true human, reconciled both in the physical and spiritual plane, 2 becoming 1).

How do you reconcile it with your version of trantra (which I suppose is the mainstream version).
Dalai Lamas henchmen don’t ejaculate it seems… so i guess there are tantra denominations / subtraditions where they do practice semen retention.

Do you attribute your spiritual progress, heck, awakening (as you wrote about your experience of feeling or being one with the entire universe) to semen retention (if you did) or not?
How important would you say it is?

You are a lot more experienced with this, for me its been just a year figuring out all these details, I was trapped in the parables and myths of Christianity until I figured it out. I noticed that meanwhile, in other eastern traditions, these things have not been codified into parables, but are literally out there in the public! So I am kinda bit bitter about this and the whole system of western traditions…


I personally have discovered and been convinced deeply of meditation in February this year and have ever since been practicing semen retention along with 2x 1h daily meditation.
I will most likely not change it, even after your response, but I am still curious and wanna know!

For 2-3 months now, I have started experiencing some psychic/supernatural phenomenon, it consistently happens when I meditate, all around me…
I have not disclosed this to anyone and I know from reading about the “siddhis” (supernatural powers), that they are traps and one should avoid them. I do not care about it, if they happen, I ll let them happen, if not, then not. My goal is what Christ preached, what St. Peter preached, what the mystics, saints, gurus, sages, rishis of ALL traditions preached.
Its the same underlying message in all of them and since all of them were preaching it, it must be important, so that is my goal…
These days, I am more of a Buddhist & Advaita Vedanta (Vedantan, how do they call themselves?).
I lean on budhism for techniques as they are the most mature, but in terms of labeling things, for example, as “God”, I prefer Advaita Vedanta…
I don’t like calling the ineffable God just “nothingness”… imo, Buddhism’s nothingness or emptiness is God, due to the characteristics.

Dang, I am rambling again. Sorry. I Hope you can shed a bit of light into this issue. Semen retention - important or not??

Then: 6.5 BPEL | 5.5 NBPEL x 5.5 MSEG | 5.0 BEG

Now: 8.11 BPEL | 7.24 NBPEL x 5.5 MSEG | 5.0 BEG

Goal: 9x6 || My journal

Originally Posted by Ganesh10in
Hey all! If you’re enjoying this thread, I’ve started a YouTube series on these very topics. Please consider checking it out!

Amazing thread, bro! I’ve been looking in Taoism but it’s a bit advanced for my lazy mind, haha. Mantak Chia has authored some books related to Taoism and sexuality, he brought up the multiple orgasmic man and how to achieve it in a series of exercises. There’s even one exercise on how to enlarge the penis. But there are many steps before getting there like being more in tune with our body. Some really interesting stuffs indeed!

Ah yes, Self-Hypnotism. The root of all spirituality and religion…


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