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Washing silicone

Washing silicone

Like many guys here, I’ve been toying with autoxleeves, vacads and similar silicone sleeves.
I noticed that soap alters the silicone, making it sticky and someway “greasy” over time; as a matter of fact, according to instructions even the fleshlight should never be washed with soap.

So the obvious question to everyone here is: how do you clean silicone toys without altering the material?

There are special soaps you can buy at sex stores or you could really dilute hand soap to wash it with. After that air dry it and dust it with corn starch. Keep syberskin away from paper and rubber products, they draw oil from the material.

I have found the same thing and have had to throw away quite a few sleeves because they get greasy feeling and slip off. I started saving some of them hoping to there was some way to re use them. About a week ago I finally came up with the answer! I have been using castrol superclean, its a shop / garage degreaser…spx?SKU=8026130 they sell it just about everywhere in the auto parts section.

You may want to wear gloves when you use it since its a alkaline based degreaser and rinse well with hot water. After 3-4 washings they came out clean and sticky like new! That’s all I wash them in now.

I bought some corn-starch, I’ll try to wash them with it (diluted in water, of course) to see if the stickiness goes back to normal.

No go, the corn starch is just to keep the material from sticking to itself after it dries. I remember back in my childhood I would use glycerine soap to oil the rubber bands on wood planes so try would fly further. This stuff is cheap and works really well.

Just today I received an offer to buy a new product, the fleshlight renewing powder:

I’d be curious to know what are the components; probably something worth 1/100 of that price, which is not even particularly expensive…

For the record: I bought corn starch, diluted some in water and bathed the fleshlight.
It worked in reducing the material stickiness, bringing back the fleshlight to a condition similar to the original one.

Only, I don’t think it’s going to last: probably the effect will disappear after only a few washes.
Not a real problem, though: corn starch is very cheap, the operation can be repeated easily.

Goddamit I don’t understand this obsession with sanitation. What about good ole H2O.

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